Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lemonia Flower - Ravenia spectabilis

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Common Name : Lemonia, Pink Ravenia, Limonia, etc.
Botanical Name : Ravenia spectabilis
Synonym: Lemonia spectabilis
Family : Rutaceae(citrus family)

Lemonia(also known as Limonia) is a very attractive crimson flower that is native to Cuba, Brazil, etc region. Botanical name of the flower is Ravenia spectabilis. It belongs to the plant family Rutaceae. This is a foreign flower in Bangladesh and hence it doesn't have any local name. I like it's name Pink Ravenia.

This is mainly a shrubby plant but can grow several meters in height. This plant is having dark green glossy leafs. It always prefers a partial shades and adequate amount of water for it's growth.

Pink Ravenia flowers are pink, rosy, crimson in color. It has five petals where the four is at the lower side and the other one is at the upper side. Petals are slightly harder then any normal flower from the nature. That's why the flower uses to drop as a whole from the bract when it's time is over. This plant is highly revered as an ornamental flowering plant as it's flower are delicately beautiful and blooms more or less at every seasons.

Glossy leafs and few more flowers are all together.

This plant can be propagated using the seeds, but its a very slow process. That's why it is preferable to use cutting for the propagation.

Flower buds, these are beautiful too.

Seeds of the Limonia flower.

Seeds of the Limonia flower.

It gives you an idea about how the flower looks like from the side view.

Photos of this article were taken from the S. M. Sultan Memorial at Narail. It was the month of June from 2013.

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