Jessore: Modhu Polli of Poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta(মধু কবির মধু পল্লী)

Friday, 21 June 2013

After visiting the Tetulia Shahi Mosque, we have moved towards the house of poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta(মাইকেল মধুসূদন দত্ত). We were on a motorbike and through the scenic beauty of Satkhira(সাতক্ষীরা) and Jessore(যশোর) district. It was around a half an hour of bike ride from the mosque, or even more.

Welcome to the Modhupolli(মধুপল্লী).

Michael Madhusudan Dutta(মাইকেল মধুসূদন দত্ত) is a legendary poet in Bengali literature and considered as the father of Bengali Sonnet. It is nearly 150 he has departed from the earth, but his village and his house are still remaining there firmly. His father was a very rich lawyer from that time, and built this Elysian(as per that time) mansion at the village Sagordari(সাগরদাঁড়ী). Now a days this house is converted as a museum that commemorates the poet, and opened for the public visitors. Lot of tourists use to come here every day. I forgot about the exact entry fee, probably it was around 10/15 taka per person.

Most of the rooms of the house are mainly decorated with the used substances of the poet. Few of the noticeable things are the bed, iron safe, wooden safe, cookeries, gramophone, etc. I found it hard to believe that those things were only used by the aristocrat family that time and compare to this modern time those are nothing. But still that time people felt pride by possessing those things. I believe 100 years later people will think same about our laptop, cellphone, etc.

A chest statue of Michael Madhusudan Dutta(মাইকেল মধুসূদন দত্ত) in front of the house.

Inside the premise it has a large pond with Ghat(ঘাট) at one side. There were few benches to have a sit for the visitors. But unfortunately it was middle of the day and those were hot enough to refrain me to place my buttock. So I have moved for the famous river Kopotakkho(কপোতাক্ষ নদ). This river Kopotakkho(কপোতাক্ষ নদ), and the village name Sagordari(সাগরদাঁড়ী) is complementary with the poet. Its hard to find a people who is aware about our poet, but doesn't familiar with the river and village's name.

I had a very high expectation about this river. Had lot of exciting imagination before visiting this river. But I was totally shocked when I saw this. It was a dead river and totally covered with the water hyacinths. Hard to see a drop of water on it through the dense green. I believe the level of water should be around one or two feet. Just seemed to me an open green field. You won't believe this as a river. Its nothing but a crestfallen scene in my mind after visiting there.

A beautiful pond beside the house. It is filled with lot of water lilies.

Most of the area over there are packed with lot of institutes which are directly or indirectly related with the poet and his name. Some of those are govern by the poet's trust(probably the government itself), others are managed by local people. I could have explored more but those didn't make me interest and so, moved for the next destination, the Shekhpura Mosque(শেখপুরা মসজিদ). Its the place where the young poet learned education(mostly the language Parsi) during his childhood.

Stop a while, traveller! Should Mother Bengal claim thee for her son.

How to Go:

I have already mentioned this as a famous tourist destination of Jessore district(যশোর জেলা). So you shouldn't face any difficulties to reach here from the Jessore(যশোর) town. You can come here using a hired motorbike throughout the whole way from Jessore(যশোর) town. Or you can use the public bus as a transportation. That case you have to come at the Keshabpur(কেশবপুর). It will be around 40 taka per person. From there you can again take bus, or motor bike, or local tempo to reach near the house of the poet. In total it will be around 60 minutes to 90 minutes of journey that varies based on your selection of vehicle.

GPS Coordinate of the house of Michael Madhusudan Dutta(মাইকেল মধুসূদন দত্ত) is (22°49'8.99"N, 89° 9'47.64"E).

An outer quarter at Modhupolli(মধুপল্লী).

Inner view of the main building of Modhupolli(মধুপল্লী).

Inner view of the main building of Modhupolli(মধুপল্লী).

Columns at the balcony are joined together atop as archway.

Columns at the balcony are joined together atop as archway.

A Gramophone that was used by the poet.

A bowl made from stone that was used by the poet.

An iron safe that was used by the poet's family.

A box made from Steel that was used by the poet's family.

An ornate safe made from wood.

The ghat(ঘাট) of the pond beside the poet's house.

The ghat(ঘাট) of the pond beside the poet's house.

Believe it or not, this is not a green field. Its a river covered with water hyacinths. Name of the river is Kopotakkho(কপোতাক্ষ).

A Kath Badam(কাঠ বাদাম) tree beside the river that is contemporary to the poet.

Modhu Polli of Poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta(মধু কবির মধু পল্লী),
Village: Sagordari(সাগরদাঁড়ী),
Upazela: Keshobpur(কেশবপুর),
District: Jessore(যশোর),
Country: Bangladesh

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  1. I have been there when I was in grade 10 in 1972 and 73 for a visit and picnic from school and from our Jhikargach town many private picnic parties were there too due to big ceremony by the new Bangladesh govt and some ministers were there, but due to storm and rain later the parties went on disarray. Any way e enjoyed the festivals

  2. Homage to a great poet on his birth anniversary


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