Jessore: Mirzanogor Hammamkhana(মির্জানগর হাম্মামখানা)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Mirzanogor Hammamkhana(মির্জানগর হাম্মামখানা) is a strange architecture if you do not know much about it. Cause only this edifice is existing now a days, and rest of it's contemporary edifices are vanished. This is basically a bath room. A huge fort like mansion was available near this place. People from that mansion used to take a bath here. But now a days only this building is available and its amid of a village surrounded by trees and fields.

This is known as Hammamkhana(হাম্মামখানা), located at the village Mirzanogor(মির্জানগর) of Trimohini Union(ত্রিমোহিনী ইউনিয়ন) of Keshobpur Upazela(কেশবপুর উপজেলা). Trimohini(ত্রিমোহিনী) is a place where a river created two brunches, one is Kopotakkho river(কপোতাক্ষ নদ), and other one is Boribhodra river(বুড়িভদ্রা নদী). Both of the rivers are moribund in condition now a days. A Fouzdar(ফৌজদার) named Mirza Safsi Khan(মীর্জা সাফসি খান) lived here. Actually he created that fort like mansion along with this Hammamkhana(হাম্মামখানা). The village name Mirzanogor(মির্জানগর) is taken after his name. He was the son of brother-in-law of Shah Suja(শাহ শুজা), a Subedar(সুবেদার) of Bengal.

Each of the domes has a room beneath. Each of the rooms are having bathtubs in different shapes, sizes, and depths.

Mirzanogor Hammamkhana(মির্জানগর হাম্মামখানা) has three dome at the top. Each of the domes are having a room under those. Spherical shaped domes are having a hole at the middle of those. It is probably to have the sunlight to pass through it to aid the lighting system. Rooms are much darker inside as only one window is available each at the first two rooms, and those are very small in size. The rooms are having several bathtubs and each of those are having in different shapes, sizes, and heights.

Eastern side of the Hammamkhana(হাম্মামখানা) has a water well inside a round shaped structure. The servants used to pull water from this well and poured the tubs which are at the roof. The water from those tubs used to get heat from the sunlight. Later the water used to send at the bathtubs inside the room through a pipe made from burnt bricks.

Entrance to the Mirzanogor Hammamkhana(মির্জানগর হাম্মামখানা).

This is the first room. The bathtubs from this room are having less depth.

It was after the 05:00 pm at afternoon when we have reached at Mirzanogor Hammamkhana(মির্জানগর হাম্মামখানা). Also the place was surrounded by lot of trees. So it was slight darker at outside, and inside was much more darker. Most of the photos of this article were taken using night mode settings of camera.

We came here immediately after visiting the Shekhpura Mosque. After visiting this place, we have moved for the Khajura Baor which was very near from this place.

Inside the second room. These doors lead towrds the third room.

How to Go:

Mirzanogor Hammamkhana(মির্জানগর হাম্মামখানা) is located at the village Mirzanogor(মির্জানগর) of Trimohini union(ত্রিমোহিনী ইউনিয়ন) of Keshobpur Upazela(কেশবপুর উপজেলা). Basically this place is few minutes before the Trimohini Baazar(ত্রিমোহিনী বাজার). GPS coordinate of the Trimohini Bazaar(ত্রিমোহিনী বাজার) is (22°54'22.76"N, 89° 8'18.79"E). Anyway, you can come here using several routes and options.

1) Jessore(যশোর) - Monirampur(মনিরামপুর) - Keshabpur(কেশবপুর) - Trimohini(ত্রিমোহিনী).

2) Jessore(যশোর) - Monirampur(মনিরামপুর) - Rajganj(রাজগঞ্জ) - Trimohini(ত্রিমোহিনী).

From Trimohini(ত্রিমোহিনী), you can take a van or motorbike to reach at this place. Or you can have a walk if you want. GPS coordinate of the Mirzanogor Hammamkhana(মির্জানগর হাম্মামখানা) is (22°53'52.24"N, 89° 8'49.01"E).

Inside the second room.

Looking outside from the second room, through teh door of the second and the first room.

A hole on the room, middle of the dome. It helps to come the light inside the room.

Inside the pool like bathtub from the third room.

Third room has two bathtubs. One is smaller but having more depth, and the other one is bigger, but less depth.

Closer took towards the bathtub. It has lot of trashes inside.

Light is coming through the hole from the top.

Again, looking back. Left side door leads to the bigger bathtubs, and the right side door leads towards the smaller bathtubs.

This compartment holds a water well.

View of the water well.

View of Mirzanogor Hammamkhana(মির্জানগর হাম্মামখানা) from the back side..

Mirzanogor Hammamkhana(মির্জানগর হাম্মামখানা),
Village: Mirjanogor(মির্জানগর),
Union: Trimohini(ত্রিমোহিনী),
Upazela: Keshabpur(কেশবপুর),
District: Jessore(যশোর),
Country: Bangladesh
GPS Coordinate (22°53'52.24"N, 89° 8'49.01"E)

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