Driverer Hotel from Mirsarai(মিরসরাই এর ড্রাইভারের হোটেল)

Saturday, 06 July 2013

Driverer Hotel(ড্রাইভারের হোটেল) is a brand from Chhoto Komoldoho Bazaar(ছোট কমলদহ বাজার). Its a 24 hour open restaurant that uses to target mainly the truck drivers on the Dhaka Chittagong highway. It is always houseful with customers. Main dish of this restaurant is Beef Bhuna(বীফ ভুনা) with rice. I have tasted that during the dinner. It was around 600 taka for five people.

Beef Curry.

How to Go:

This Driverer Hotel(ড্রাইভারের হোটেল) is located at the Chhoto Komoldoho Bazaar(ছোট কমলদহ বাজার) of Mirsarai Upozela(মিরসরাই উপজেলা) of Chittagong district. You can come here using CNG driven vehicle from the Mirsarai(মিরসরাই) or Sitakunda(সীতাকুন্ড) Bazaar. Also, you can get down from the Dhaka-Chittagong highway bus while Coming to Chittagong. Everyone is familiar with this restaurant at Chhoto Komoldoho Bazaar(ছোট কমলদহ বাজার). GPS Coordinate of the Driverer Hotel(ড্রাইভারের হোটেল) is (22°42'18.73"N, 91°36'42.68"E).

Shada Bhat(সাদা ভাত).

Driverer Hotel(ড্রাইভারের হোটেল),
Chhoto Komoldoho Bazaar,
Mirsarai, Chittagong District,

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