Jessore: Khajura Baor(খাজুরা বাওড়)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Khajura Baor(খাজুরা বাওড়) is located near the Trimuhoni(ত্রিমুহনী) Bazaar of Keshobpur Upozela(কেশবপুর উপজেলা). This is mainly a shallow arc shaped stagnant water container. Unlike any other Baor(বাওড়), it's water level decreases drastically during the dry season and people cultivates paddies and other seasonal crops here that time. But during the rainy season, it is full with water and looks like a river.

It was almost the sunset time when we have reached near to the Baor(বাওড়). Another Baor(বাওড়) named Jhapa(ঝাপা), the larger one, was very near from here. We had a plan to visit that Baor(বাওড়) too. That's why we couldn't pay that much time here for the exploration. Though I was itching to cross the Baor(বাওড়) using the boat nearby. But had to sacrifice that wish as the cost was half an hour.

How to Go:

There are several ways to access this Baor(বাওড়) from the Jessore(যশোর) town. Below is the possible best/shortest route to visit the Baor(বাওড়). Another option can be through Keshobpur(কেশবপুর) -> Trimuhoni(ত্রিমুহনী) -> Khajura Baor(খাজুরা বাওড়).

1) Come to the Monirampur Upozila(মনিরামপুর উপজেলা) using any public buses. It will be around 18/20 taka per person.

2) From Monirampur(মনিরামপুর), hire a motorbike to come at Rajgonj(রাজগঞ্জ) Bazaar. It will be 60 taka per bike, two person can ride after the bike owner.

3) Khajura Baor(খাজুরা বাওড়) is around a 10 minutes of motorbike drive, or a 30 minutes of van drive from the Rajganj(রাজগঞ্জ) bazaar.

GPS Coordinate of the Khajura Baor(খাজুরা বাওড়) is (22°56'56.18"N, 89° 8'56.84"E).

About a Baor(বাঁওর):

A Baor(বাঁওর) is an arc shaped lake that is formed at a bend/turn of a river/canal. Basically the river is dead/changed it course since several decades. But the water at the bend of the river is still prominent. So it just turned into a lake and having a shape of arc. The length of the arc can be 10% to 95% of the circle. But never a circle. More about a Baor can be found at Banglapedia.

Cheerful kids are pushing the boat.

A public transport to carry people from one side to other like a loop.

A lonely boat for the Lonely Traveler?

Khajura Baor(খাজুরা বাওড়),
Near Trimohuni, Keshobpur Upozila,
Jessore District,

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