Jessore: Jhapa Baor(ঝাঁপা বাওড়, যশোর)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Jhapa Baor(ঝাপা বাওর) is another wonderful arc shaped lake(or dead river) that is located at the Jessore district. The shape of the Baor(বাওর) is almost oval. Just has a mouth at the western side. We have visited the Jhapa Baor(ঝাপা বাওর) after visiting the Khajura Baor. It was just before the sunset when we have reached there. The whole day it was bright and sunny, but unfortunately didn't see any sign of the sun that time. Missed the sunset.

Considering the other Baor(বাওর) from Jessore(যশোর) district, this one use to have water more or less at every season. Three different types of engine boat service is available as a transportation here. One uses to go to the left, one uses to got to the right and the other one uses to go to straight at the other side. We have taken the straight one, the shortest one to have a boat ride on the Baor(যশোর). It was 2 Taka per person for crossing the Baor(বাওর).

The sun was gone, the sky was blue and the water was tranquil. Jhapa Baor(ঝাপা বাওর) appeared as a mirror in front of us where we have enjoyed the reflection of the sky. This is an unique view which is only available at the Baor(বাওর) of Bangladesh. We had a short visit on that Baor(বাওর) and it didn't slack my thirst. A 2-3 hours of visit on this Baor(বাওর) could do that I believe.

How to Go:

Jhapa Baor(ঝাপা বাওড়) is located at the Rajgonj(রাজগঞ্জ) bazaar of Jessore(যশোর) district. You can visit this Baor(বাওড়) through the Monirampur Upozila(মনিরামপুর উপজেলা) easily. Here is the direction for you.

1) First you have to come at the Monirampur(মনিরামপুর) Bazaar from the Jessore(যশোর) town. You can take the local bus services for this. It will be around 30 minutes of local bus journey that costs around 18 taka per person.

2) There are lot of motorbikes available at the Monirampur(মনিরামপুর) Bazaar. You can take those bikes to reach at the Rajganj(রাজগঞ্জ) Bazaar. Each bike can take two person and each costs 30 taka. It will be around 20-25 minutes of bike ride.

Rajganj(রাজগঞ্জ) Bazaar is exactly beside the Jhapa Baor(ঝাপা বাওড়). You shouldn't have any problem to find the Baor(বাওড়) after reaching to that Bazaar. GPS Coordinate of the Jhapa Baor(ঝাপা বাওড়) is (22°59'1.34"N, 89° 9'36.39"E)

A lonely boat on the Jhapa Baor(ঝাঁপা বাওড়)

About a Baor(বাঁওর):

A Baor(বাঁওর) is an arc shaped lake that is formed at a bend/turn of a river/canal. Basically the river is dead/changed it course since several decades. But the water at the bend of the river is still prominent. So it just turned into a lake and having a shape of arc. The length of the arc can be 10% to 95% of the circle. But never a circle. More about a Baor(বাঁওর) can be found at Banglapedia.

Its about to sunset. We were already late to reach there.

A fisherman trying to catch fish on the Jhapa Baor(ঝাঁপা বাওড়).

Transporter, available for the public.

Kids are having a late afternoon sitting on the root of a tree beside the Baor(বাওড়).

Display of sky on the mirror like Jhapa Baor(ঝাঁপা বাওড়) after sunset.

Display of sky on the mirror like Jhapa Baor(ঝাঁপা বাওড়) after sunset.

Display of sky on the mirror like Jhapa Baor(ঝাঁপা বাওড়) after sunset.

It was a heavenly beauty from the middle of the Baor(বাওড়). It was just before the darkness.

This photo is edited vigorously. It was taken exactly before the darkness.

Wandering fisherman on the Jhapa Baor(ঝাঁপা বাওড়).

Again the transporter.

The day is over. These kids were having a refreshing bath on the Baor(বাওড়) after having the afternoon playing. It was terribly a hot and humid weathered day.

Jhapa Baor(ঝাঁপা বাওড়, যশোর),
Jessore District,

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Few photos of this article required to go under the surgery of PhotoShop as most of those were captured on a low light, and were murky and hazy.


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