Chittagong: Chhoto Darogar Hat Waterfall(ছোট দারোগার হাট ঝরনা)

Saturday, 06 July 2013

We have already visited few waterfalls yesterday and today. Yet still another one to visit, and other twos those we couldn't for shortage of time. This is about the Chhoto Darogar Hat Waterfall(ছোট দারোগার হাট ঝরনা). Also known as Shohosro Dhara Waterfall-2(সহস্র ধারা ঝরনা-২) as an irrigation project(the same name) was built using the water from the falls. Shohosro Dhara Waterfall-1(সহস্র ধারা ঝরনা-১) is located inside the Sitakunda(সীতাকুন্ড) Echo Park(that's another story). Most of my travel mates were tired and their nonchalant legs didn't want to move further, but their unyielding cravings for the waterfall pushed them forward in every such minutes.

It was inside the rainy season and a heavy showers from the sky is normal during this season. But very unlikely, it was another hot and humid day from my traveling. In fact, this year we had a very poor amount of rain in Bangladesh. It was somewhere around 2pm to 3pm at afternoon and we have started using a CNG driven vehicle that dropped us on a village road and we started our trekking from there.

It was very easy village path for trekking and having lot of trees at both sides for the shades. It was around half an hour of walking and we have reached near a water dam named Shohosro Dhara(সহস্র ধারা) Irrigation Project. It uses to barrier the water from the waterfall that we intended to visit. I expected it to be a dam full of water. But unfortunately it was totally empty, probably switch gates were all open.

The waterfall was very near from the irrigation project dam. Before visiting the waterfall, we have decided to visit the top of the waterfall. But unfortunately we didn't find the path to go there and directed to a wrong path, and traversed around two small hillocks. We found a view of another waterfall from that road and according to the local people, it was very tough(i didn't believe) to access. So we didn't make any attempt to explore that waterfall(also we didn't have enough time).

After doing all those Humpty Dumpty we have moved forward for the waterfall. We had around an hour of sitting there. During that time we had a shower under the waterfall. The water directly falls over a stone under the waterfall. That's why those water-drops use to hurt a lot(whenever I have tried to stand under there). It was a very wonderful moment to have a shower under the waterfall, having a sleep over the large rocks and observing the waterfall while laying flat.

Its basically a tall but slim waterfall having very less amount of water during any season. It use to have water in a large amount(but not violent) only during the rainy days. As soon as the rain is gone, the waterfall starts to get less flow of water.

How to Go:

In my opinion, Shohosro Dhara Waterfall-2(সহস্র ধারা ঝরনা-২) is a very easy to access waterfall from Bangladesh. Hardly a trekking of less than an hour requires to reach at the bottom of the waterfall. Also, it doesn't require to climb any hills or mountains those use to suck strength from the leg muscles.

1) First Come to the Chhoto Darogar Hat(ছোট দারোগার হাট) of Sitakunda Upazela(সীতাকুন্ড উপজেলা) of Chittagong district. GPS Coordinate of the place is (22°39'34.37"N, 91°38'8.14"E). You can come here by CNG driven vehicle or local bus services.

2) Start trekking directly from here. Or hire any CNG to drop you as much as possible near to the waterfall(its few minutes after crossing the rail line). Or, use your CNG at step(1) to drop you as much as that can.

3) After the dropping zone, start walking towards the waterfall. Its only a single road to walk. If you face any doubt, ask local people for the assistance. The GPS Coordinate of the Shohosro Dhara Waterfall-2(সহস্র ধারা ঝরনা-২) is (22°40'23.85"N, 91°39'32.43"E).

This leads towards the irrigation project. Its at the other side.

A view from the top of the irrigation project. This meandered stream comes directly from the waterfall which is very near from here.

Hard working people are caring bamboo sticks to the market. They have collected those from the deep inside of hills.

View of the waterfall from the far. Our first sight of the waterfall.

We have trekked on a wrong trail like this one for half an hour.

One of my fellow trekking mate is on his course, through the lash green.

A view of an unknown waterfall at far sight.

A closer look towards the waterfall.

More closer view. Water is falling over the inclined rocks from the hill. Very tough to access according to the locals.

Jhiri of the Chhoto Darogar Hat Waterfall(ছোট দারোগার হাট ঝরনা)

Another view of the waterfall, we were almost closer to it.

A beautiful view of the jhiri(ঝিরি).

Best view o the waterfall as per my observation.

Chhoto Darogar Hat Waterfall(ছোট দারোগার হাট ঝরনা)

We had a shower here. The water just slapped on our back mercilessly.

Resting over a big flat rock and enjoying the beauty of the waterfall.

Chhoto Darogar Hat Waterfall(ছোট দারোগার হাট ঝরনা)
aka Shohosro Dhara Jhorna-2(সহস্রধারা ঝরনা-২)
Sitakunda, Chittagong District,

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