Monday, May 27, 2013

Lichu Ful(লিচু ফুল) - Litchi chinensis

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Common Name : Lichu, Lychee, Lichee, etc.
Bengali Name : Lichu(লিচু ফুল).
Botanical Name : Litchi chinensis
Family : Sapindaceae(Soapberry family)

বৃক্ষ তোমার নাম কি? আমরা সবাই জানি ফলে পরিচয়... লিচুর বেলায় কথাটা আবার আরও বেশী সত্যি... অনেক গাছই আছে যাদেরকে ফুল দেখলেই চিনে ফেলা যায়... কিন্তু লিচুর বেলয়? উহু... নিজেকেই প্রশ্ন করে দেখুন "লিচু ফুল দেখেছেন কখনও?"... সুতরাং ফলে পরিচয় কথাটা আপনার জন্যই... আজকে লিচু ফুলের ছবির সাথে ফলের ছবিও দিয়ে দিলাম...

Lychee is a delicious pulpy fragrant fruit that is available in our country Bangladesh. This is mainly native to China, but somehow our country adopted this delicate fruit and now it is also native to Bangladesh along with south and southeast Asia. Botanical name of Lychee is Litchi chinensis and it belongs to the family Sapindaceae. In Bangladesh we call this as Lichu(লিচু).

Lichu(ফুল) is a very slow growing evergreen plant that can grow between 30 to 100 ft in height. Leafs are dark green and elliptic, lance, etc shaped and the bark is grey black in color.

Lichu(লিচু ফুল) flowers are very interesting. Flowers use to bloom as a cluster and each tinny little flower from the cluster is petal-less. It has five very long(compare to flower's size) stamens which are having a filament atop. Color of the filament can vary in different regions. Color of the Lichee flower is creamy, yellowish white, greenish white, etc.

A Lichu garden from Dinajpur district of Bangladesh.

Succulent Lichee fruits are juicy and pulpy inside. Its small and almost a round shaped ball. Last 10 days from the month May and first week of the month June is the best time to enjoy the best quality Lichees from Bangladesh. It has a very short period at fruit market compare to other native fruits from our country.

Lichee fruit

Flowers for this article were taken from Tangail(টাংগাইল) district during March 2013. Photos of the garden and the fruits were taken from Dinajpur(দিনাজপুর) district during May 2010.

Lichee fruit


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