Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gerbera Flower(জার্বেরা ফুল) - Gerbera hybrida

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Common Name : Garbera, African Daisy.
Bengali Name : Zarbera Ful(জার্বেরা ফুল).
Botanical Name : Gerbera hybrida
Family : Asteraceae(Sunflower family)

জার্বেরা মূলত বিদেশী ফুল হলেও আমাদের দেশের অনেক অফিস আদালতের সামনে শোভা বর্ধন করতে এই ফুলকে দেখা যায়... এখনও এত ঢালাও ভাবে বাগানে শখ করে এই ফুলের লালন পালন শুরু হয়ে উঠে নাই আমাদের দেশে... ফুলের দোকান গুলোয প্রচুর দেখা যায় জার্বেরা বিক্রি করতে... শাড়ি পরা মেযেদের চুলের খোপায় গুজে থাকা জার্বেরা ফুল আমার অসম্ভব ভালো লাগে...

Its another attractive foreign flower which is available in our country Bangladesh. This is known as Gerbera Flower and its native from South Africa. Gerbera is mainly the flowering genus name which comprises around 30 flowers. I am not sure about the botanical name of this flower, because lot of hybrids and variants of this flower are available around the globe. This exotic flower belongs to the sunflower family Asteraceae. Then genus name Gerbera is named after the great German botanist and naturalist Traugott Gerber.

There are various colored Gerbera is available as its being cultivated commercialy alongside the other profitable flowers like Rose, Chrysanthemum, Tuberose, etc. The color of this flower can be red, orange, pink, yellow, white and even violet. Flower can be both single or double(in fact 3 more forms) in terms of the arrangements of the petals. It attracts butterflies, bees, and birds.

Gerbera(জার্বেরা) is a tender perennial herbaceous flowering plant. Coarse leafs are around 8-10 inches long, pubescent, and hairy. Plant become dense for the leafs and flower use to come over leafless stem at the plant.

A Gerbera(জার্বেরা) flower bud.

Photos of this article were taken from the World War II cemetery of Comilla during March 2013.


  1. ai ful khopae bisri lagae ..i think baily fhul is the bst..colour ful bole meyera matching kore thik e bt its look offens..its my personal thought..jst like urs.

  2. 'Beli Ful' is ok... it matches with everyone... But for this flower(Gerbera), you have to be slight careful... otherwise it may look ugly...

  3. Beli ful amar personali kub valo laga but akhana jai ful gulo asa agulo onak sundor i flower
    " this