Friday, May 24, 2013

Garden Phlox(ফ্লকস ফুল) - Phlox paniculata

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Common Name : Garden Phlox, Perennial Phlox, etc.
Bengali Name : ফ্লকস ফুল
Botanical Name : Phlox paniculata
Family : Polemoniaceae(Phlox family)

Its a bright colorful flower with a wide range of colors. It is mainly native to Texas, Mexico region. We do not have any Bengali name for this flower. We also call this Phlox(ফ্লকস) in our country. Botanical name is Phlox paniculata and belongs to the family Polemoniaceae.

Garden Phlox is a perennial erect shrub that can grow around 2-3 ft in height. Slender leafs are alternately arranged around the stem. Leafs are a good feeding source for the larvae and moth. This plant grows well in fertile, moist soil.

Garden Phlox is an ornamental flower and can be in many colors like red, pink, rosy, white, violet, peach etc. Flower has five overlapping petals. It has a contrasting color at the center of the flower. Flower blooms as cluster and has a long blooming season.

Photos of this article were taken from Comilla(কুমিল্লা) at March 2013.

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