Comilla: Palace of Moynamoti Rani

Sunday, 17 March 2013

This place is locally known as Moynamoti Ranir Kuthi(ময়্নামতি রানীর কুঠি), Moynamoti Ranir Banglo(ময়্নামতি রানীর বাংলো), etc. Textbook name is Moynamoti Ranir Bihar(ময়্নামতি রানীর বিহার). According to my observation, this is a very less popular tourist spot from Comilla. Hardly seen any tourists were wandering around here. I do not know much more about this place, and neither found anything at internet.

It was 15 minutes before the sunset when we have arrived there. We were the only tourists there that time. But few local people were randomly available around the place. Sun was downing, and the place has a reputation for hijacking and similar crimes. So we had to leave the place after a cursory exploration.

How to Go:

Very easy to access place. Its just a kilometer apart from the Moynamoti(ময়্নামতি) War Cemetery. If you are not familiar with the cemetery, then consider the Comilla(কুমিল্লা) Cantonment. This place is 10 taka or less auto rickshaw fare distance from the cantonment gate. If you come from Dhaka, then drop from the bus at the cantonment gate. GPS coordinate of the Bihar(বিহার) is (23°29'46.06"N, 91° 6'27.53"E).

A temple at the western corner of the Bihar(বিহার).


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