Chittagong: Mohamaya Project at Mirsarai(মহামায়া প্রজেক্ট, মীরসরাই)

Friday, 15 March 2013

It was a three day's tour. Sunday was the holiday and most of the tourists were crowding at the popular tourist spots. So I have decided to visit less popular and populous place during this time. Actually it was a tour for Feni, Noakhali and Comilla(ফেনী, নোয়াখালী, কুমিল্লা). But the Mohamaya project(মহামায়া প্রজেক্ট) is very near to Feni(ফেনী), and I have never visited this place before. So added this into my bucket before starting the tour.

Last night I had a very hectic bus journey. We didn't book/buy ticket before. I have tried to manage ticket for Feni(ফেনী) at the very last moment, but couldn't manage any. So our only hope was the bus of Chittagong. We found two seats at the very last row of the bus and it was a poor quality bus. We were seeking for a bus starting from 11:00 at night and finally managed those two seats just before 01:00 at night.

We couldn't sleep well at bus. Also we had a poor amount of space on the seat to stretch the feet. So my back, heap and the knees were swollen and was feeling slight ache. We left from the bus near at Mostan Nogor(মস্তান নগর), a places after Baroiyar Hat(বারৈয়ার হাট). It was just after the 09:00 at morning. Good morning Chittagong!

We took a CNG from the highway and that leaved us at the gate(a bamboo crossed over the road) of the project. I was thinking whether we were too early here or not. But in reality, people already have started coming. Few picnic buses were standing there. Crowds just started to warming up the surroundings alike the sun.

Mohamaya(মহামায়া) is mainly an irrigation project to aid the locals. A rubber dam is built to preserve the water from the three main streams from the hillocks. It was inaugurated by our Prime minister during December of 2010. Now a days lot of tourists use to visit this place.

Initially we have walked around the lake without any plan. Later climbed a hillocks to see the lake from the view of a bird's eye. That hill was packed with Gamar trees and lot of small yellow Gamar flowers were scattered under those trees. After a while we returned back to the ghat to hire a boat.

There were lot of bots on the shore with different sizes and shapes. Travelers having a small sized group can use public boat service with shared basis. Each boat can take around 30-40 person and that cost 30 taka per person. Instead of such boat, we have hired a small boat for 300 taka. It will take us to a small waterfall nearby.

This is a dry season, and its not a suitable time for exploring the waterfalls in Bangladesh. So I didn't have any plan for the waterfalls. I'll come back here again during rainy season for those. We hired the boat for a boat journey on the lake. Otherwise we could have skip the boats.

After reaching near to the moribund waterfall, I had a swim on the cool water of the lake. My travel mate didn't show any interest on swimming. He can't swim in fact. After a refreshing shower on the lake water, we returned back to the dock. From there we have moved forward to explore the Mohuri project, another irrigation project.

How to Go:

No matter from where you are coming, just get dropped at the Mostan Nogor(মস্তান নগর) of Dhaka-Chittagong highway. From there take any CNG driven auto rickshaw and it will drop you near to the Mohamaya Project(মহামায়া প্রজেক্ট). It will cost you around 100 taka or more. Though the place is very near from there, but you have to count that amount from your Pocket. Also for your information, you may have to use your feet while returning back.

GPS Coordinate of the place is (22°49'7.85"N, 91°34'12.20"E).

Fishing at Mohamaya. Local people.

View of Mohamaya lake from a hillock nearby.

A small waterfall, probably it will have some water during rainy season.


  1. Fine task! A commendable one ! Scholarly informations ! Very neat pictures !Congrats !-
    M.A.(Tamil), M.A.(English), B.Ed.,Dip.(Sanskrit) ,Ph.D
    Chennai - 33

  2. from dhaka which route will be the best? can we go from here to see khoiyachora / bandarkum water falls ?

    1. Leaving the bus on Dhaka-Chittagong highway will be better. The bus will drop you near the Mohamaya. After visiting this lake you can latter go to Khoiyachhora as well. I didn't visit the Bandarkum yet.

  3. Is there any Residential Hotel at Mirsharai. Please help, I want to visit to Khaiyachara.

    1. There wasnt any that time... i mean good quality hotels... may be you can find low budget hotels there...


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