Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bandhuli Ful (বান্ধুলী ফুল) - Pentapetes phoenicea

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Common Name : Noon Flower, Copper Cups, etc.
Bengali Name : Dupurmoni(দুপুরমনি), Bandhuli(বান্ধুলী), Bondhuk(বন্ধুক).
Botanical Name : Pentapetes phoenicea
Family : Malvaceae(Mallow family)


Name of this attractive colored flower is Dupurmoni(দুপুর মনি ফুল) in our country Bangladesh. It is also known as Bandhuli ful(বান্ধুলী ফুল), Bandhuk ful(বন্ধুক ফুল), etc. Common names are Copper Cups, Noon flower, Scarlet Mallow, etc. Botanical name is Pentapetes phoenicea and it belongs to the family Malvaceae.

Dupurmoni is mainly a semi-woody annual herb plant that can grow up to a meter in height. Toothed leafs are liner and alternately arranged around the stem. Some part of the stems, bracts, and the bottom side of the leafs are hairy. This causes irritation to the skin when comes in contact.

Flowers are Scarlet in color, blooms during the noon, and closes during dawn. This is the reason for calling it as Dupurmoni(দুপুর মনি) in Bangladesh. It means The Pearl of the Noon. Flowers use to come from the axils of the leaf and the stem. It uses to hang downwards at the plant. Scarlet Mallow has five petals which can be faded red or white sometimes. It doesn't have any fragrance.

This flowering plant is marked as weed(not invasive) around rice fields. Otherwise its an attractive ornamental flower.

Photos of this article were taken from Naogaon(নওগাঁ) district of Bangladesh during my travel at May 2013. I didn't pluck any flower from the plant. I have just bended the stem to get a better view of the flower.

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