Tangail: Dhanbari Nawab Manzil(ধনবাড়ি নবাব মনজিল)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Dhanbari Nawab Manzil(ধনবাড়ি নবাব মনজিল) is locally known as Nawab Bari(নবাব বাড়ী). This is now owned by the descendants of Nawab Ali Chowdhury(নবাব আলী চৌধুরী). They have been taking a good care of this palace and also built several cottages inside the premise for the tourists for staying. This is the only heritage resort from our Bangladesh. This is also known as Dhanbari(ধনবাড়ী) Royal Resort. Inside the premise is very much neat and clean, adequate amount of stuffs and guards are around there to take care of everything.

Most of the Jamidar(জমিদার) mansions from Bangladesh were owned by the Hindu Jamidars(জমিদার). After the division of the country during 1947, and also later 1971, most of those powerful owners were coerced to leave the country, or cringed away to avoid the secular vandalism. Which results their mammoth mansions left unprotected. Later government has taken control of few of those buildings and used as their official purpose(which are still in a presentable state). But others are in total ruin by now a days for lack of care.

But this Nawab(নবাব) Palace is totally different from those. As it was owned by the Muslim landlords, they didn't have to leave the country or had nothing to fear. They were powerful during their ruling period. And yet still they are powerful on that region now a days. That's why this palace is still in a very good condition and has been taken proper care to maintain it's state.

This palace was built by the Nawab Ali Chowdhury(নবাব আলী চৌধুরী) during 1919 to invite the British Lord Ronaldshay. He Came near Koyra(কয়ড়া) using the Steamer and had a reception with 30 elephants.[reference: www.dctangail.gov.bd].

One of the decedents from the Nawab(নবাব) Family named Nawab Hasan Ali Chowdhury(নবাব হাসান আলী চৌধুরী) was the Industrial Minister during the reign of East Pakistan. Also he was a member of the Parliament during 1978. Later, after his death, his daughter Saiyeda Asheka Akbar(সৈয়দা আশেক আকবর) was the member of the Parliament during 1981. This information will give you an idea about their power and now you understand why the palace is still in a good condition.[reference: www.dctangail.gov.bd].

You'll require to buy a ticket for 30 Taka to enter inside the palace premise. Each ticket is valid for 2 hours of visiting. The area is highly secured and the stuffs and guards around there are very much friendly. No unauthorized entries are entertained there. So no one will bother you while you are enjoying the surroundings.

Night Staying at Cottages:

Anyone can stay at the cottages located inside. This is a lovely place for staying. This calm and serene place will please anyone I can bet. I have a plan to stay there in future. From my 'entry ticket' here is the contact address of the Dhaka booking office.

Royal Resort & Holidays Ltd.
145 Begum Rokeya Shoroni, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216
Phone: +880-2-9010924

Things to Buy:

At the Dhanbari(ধনবাড়ী) Bazaar you'll find a famous sweet shop owned by Shurjokanto(সুর্যকান্ত). The Roshgolla(রসগোল্লা) from that shop is mouth watering. You can taste those during your staying there. Or can buy home while returning.

Also, Madhupur(মধুপুর) is very near from that area(15 minutes of car distance). It will be on your way from Dhaka. During the season you can buy the pineapples from the road sides. Those pineapples are the largest pineapples from Bangladesh and internationally known as 'Calender Pineapples'. Also, the Bananas of Madhupur(মধুপুর) are famous. You can buy those during the season.

How to Go:

Best way to go there using the private vehicles. Cause the available bus service is not that much handy. The service of that Bus is very poor. Using your private vehicle it will require around 4-4.5 hours to reach there.

** If you want to use public transport. Then Binimoy(বিনিময়) Bus Service is the option. This will start from Dhaka Mohakhali(মহাখালী) Bus Terminal and stops exactly at the Dhanbari(ধনবাড়ী), beside the palace. Since this is a very much local service and has hundreds of stoppage, it will take around 6-7 hours to reach near there(or even more). For your information, that bus takes people standing inside, like the local bus of Dhaka.

** Another option could be the Nirala(নিরালা) Bus service. Using that from Mohakhali(মহাখালী), you can come to the Tangail(টাঙ্গাইল) within around 3 hours. Its a direct bus service with no stoppage. From Tangail(টাঙ্গাইল), you can use CNG auto rickshaw to reach near the palace. It will be around 2 hours of CNG ride.

** Another option can be coming at Tangail(টাঙ্গাইল) using the train service. But the train's time schedule is not that much reliable in Bangladesh. So choice is yours.

GPS coordinate of the Nawab Bari(নবাব বাড়ি) is (24°40'30.16"N, 89°57'18.63"E).


There is a beautiful looking mosque available at the eastern side of the Jomidar Bari(জমিদার বাড়ী) premise. Don't miss to have a visit on that mosque. More about the mosque can be found from the following link: http://icwow.../nawabbari-mosque-of-dhonbari.html

Front view of the palace. Downing sun at the western sky made the photo murky.

Lake at the Eastern border of the palace premise.

An Edifice inside the palace premise. Possibly a 'Meeting Room'?

Cottage inside the premise for tourist for overnight staying.

More cottages for the tourists.


  1. Wrong information...this palace is still owned and managed by the Nawab Family of Dhanbari. Nawab Family through various patronage continues to stay beside the people of the sub-district through all sorts of social welfare activities. With all Nawab's, their are many folklore's, it is best not to indulge in them, rather it would make sense reading on them, found easily when searched in internet. The white building is the official residence of the present Nawabs of Dhanbari, compltely off limits to outsiders, which was built as an external block for housing royalty. It has been used by most Viceroys of India. While other great personalities to have resided are Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Shaheed Suhwardy, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and etc. In the third Deori or complex, one of the building is actually, where Nawabzada Hasan Ali was born. While much of the old palace blocks have been destroyed in 1950's earthquake but some of them are still in good restored condition. Nawab of Dhanbari, is also the Nawab of Bogra and the Nawab of Jongolbari, Kishoreganj. The winter headquarters is situated in Kolkata city, popularly known as Balyganj House, while the summer headquarter is situated in Darjeeling and known as Eden Castle.

    1. Thanks for your detail writing... By the way... What did you mean by the "Wrong Information"... Did you read the article carefully? or hastily...?? Didn't I mention in my article about who is currently maintaining this...? Also didn't I say folklore(লোক মুখে শোনা)...??

    2. Dear Mr. Demon, I would like to first thank you for profiling Nawab Manzil, Dhanbari and other such wonderful locations which most people are yet to know of. It is definitely a highly commendable feat, not only does it allow people to find interesting places to visit, it also enables people to understand the high cultural history of Bangladesh.
      When I termed wrong information, I meant while it is I repeat a commendable feat in your websites part, it is best before posting for public consumption to research a bit of actual history rather than posting folklore such as about the Rani of Hemnagor or regarding a Pagri being stolen and subsequently his majestic highness the Nawab crying over it. These usually destroy the philosophical character of a person, especially when one does have access to information from web or directly from the Palace staff. Also as the family is very much living in Bangladesh and have a public positioning in the society, it would have would been better if the draft script was shown and approved by them. Please do take these as taunt to such a wonderful work of yours, and as an anonymous person, I pride your efforts. Rather these are suggestions for improvements if you may wish to see it so.

    3. Thanks... Your comment makes sense... I should have authenticated those local stories as their descendents are still reachable... I have removed those portion from the article as a token of honor and gratitude to your earlier comments... I want my blog to be clean, and thanks for your cooperation... I am grateful to you...

  2. History of the royal family is totally ignored. Let everybody know the history.

  3. let everybody the history of nawab

  4. I very much appreciate for your such a good initiative. Thanks a lot. It will be helpful most for our new young travelers. When we started our travel we had no such kind of guide and we faced lot of problems.So, I request you to enrich your Blog by more information to visit the place smoothly.

  5. How long it takes actually. 4.5 hours max or more ?

    1. It actually depends upon the traffic jam. If no traffic jam then you can reach there around that time using your own vehicle. For public bus it will take more as the quality of bus service is not that much standard compare to the other part of Bangladesh! FYI it is probably 170km distance from Dhaka (or less).

  6. Is there any scope to arrange a picnic in the area... if it is then please leave a replay..

  7. I am very interested in royality & old palaces.


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