Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bottle Brush Flower(বোতল ব্রাশ) - Callistemon viminalis

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Common Name : Bottle Brush Flower.
Botanical Name : Callistemon viminalis
Family : Myrtaceae(Bottlebrush family)

Bottlebrush(বোতল ব্রাশ) is an Australian native flower grows widely around the world mosly by the gardeners. Botanical name is Callistemon viminalis and belongs to the family Myrtaceae. It doesn't have any Bengali name, we also call this bottle brush(বোতল ব্রাশ) in our country.

Bottle Brush(বোতল ব্রাশ) is a small growing evergreen plant. Aromatic leafs are also beautiful similar to the flowers. Slim liner leafs are arranged as a whirl around the branches. Each leaf can be in 5-9 cm in length.

Flowers are strikingly beautiful but doesn't have that much scent(scentless?). Lot of small flowers are arranged around the flower stalk and each of those flowers are having long stamens with a filament atop. This decoration of the flower gives it a shape of bottle brush, hence this is known as Bottle Brush(বোতল ব্রাশ) Flower. Though I am conversant with various colors of this flower, but frankly, I haven't seen anything other than red yet. May be at a lucky day I can experience that too.

To flourish the plant with flowers, it requires full sun light. Also this tree can be pruned to maintain it's shape. Propagation can be done from both seeds or from cutting, but second method is mostly used.

Photos of this article were taken from the Botanical Garden of Mymensingh. It was the month of March 2013.

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