Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sago Palm(মনিরাজ ফুল) - Cycas revoluta

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Bengali Name : মনিরাজ ফুল
Common Name : Sago Palm.
Botanical Name : Cycas revoluta
Family : Cycadaceae(Sago Palm family)

This plant is very less seen at Bangladesh, but not rare at other parts of the world, specially at Japan where it is native. Common name of this plant is Sago Palm, though it is not a palm, rather its a cycads. In Bangladesh we call this Moniraj Ful(মনিরাজ ফুল) as it is found at the apex of the stem. Botanical name of this Sago palm is Cycas revoluta and belongs to the plant family Cycadaceae.

A female inflorescence of Moniraj(মনিরাজ ফুল)

Moniraj(মনিরাজ) is a very slow growing plant. Though you can improve it's growth by providing suitable condition, but still its a damn slow growing plant. This low growing plant(even you'll see leafs just above the soil) looks like palm trees. Scientists use to believe that this plant is contemporary to the Dinosaurs. Anyway, this lovely growing plant is very much capable for sustaining any weather condition starting from frost to drought. For it's lovely shape and orientation, people use this as ornamental plant at gardens.

A female inflorescence of Moniraj(মনিরাজ ফুল)

The inflorescence flower comes at the top of the stem, more preciously at the end of the stem. Flowers are having similar diameter alike the stem of the plant. Each tree can bring only one flower at a time. And more interestingly the male and female flowers are different and comes at different trees. After a successful pollination, the female flower brings seeds on it. Since its a slow growing plant, thus it requires hell lot of time to bring a flower on this tree.

Photos of this article were taken from Shopnopuri(স্বপ্নপুরী), an amusement park of Dinajpur(দিনাজপুর). It was during May 2010, a long time back.

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