Sunday, January 6, 2013

Maidenhair Creeper(ভূতরাজ) - Lygodium flexuosum

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Bengali Name : Bhutraj, ভূত রাজ
Common Name : Maidenhair Creeper
Botanical Name : Lygodium flexuosum
Synonym : Ophioglossum flexuosum
Family : Lygodiaceae

ভুতের সাথে কোনো সম্পর্ক নাই, তাও এর নাম ভূতরাজ...!! ভারতের ঝারখন্ডে আবার একে বলা হয় ভূত ভৈরবী... মানুষের আনাগোনা কম হয় এমন জায়গায় এরা বেশি জন্মায় বলেই হয়তো এইরূপ ভৌতিক নাম এদের... অপুষ্পক ফার্ন গোত্রের এই উদ্ভিদকে নিয়ে আজকের লেখা...

Its a perennial fern plant, which means it doesn't have any flower. It's common name is Maidenhair Creeper. But in Bangladesh and West Bengal of India, this is know as Bhutraj(ভূতরাজ). In our country, this is mostly seen creeping around the wall of abandoned houses, or creeping on a tree, etc. Botanical name of this fern is Lygodium flexuosum. It belongs the the plant family Lygodiaceae.

As the plant is flowerless, it mainly propagates using the rhizomes(are short) and spores(occur around the leaflets). This fern is widely distributed from southern Asia to East Asian region, and in Australia. This is obviously a weed, but it has marked as an invasive weed at some territories.

Photos of this article were taken from Christian Cemetery of Wari, Dhaka(ওয়ারী, ঢাকা). It was the month of April, 2010.

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