Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Porosh Pipul Ful(পরশ পিপুল ফুল) - Thespesia populnea

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Bengali Name : Porosh Pipul Ful, পরশ পিপুল ফুল.
Common Name : Portia Flower, Pacific Rosewood.
Botanical Name : Thespesia populnea
Synonym : Hibiscus populneoides
Family : Malvaceae (mallow family)

Its another very interesting flower locally(in Bangladesh) named as Bolu Ful(বলু ফুল), Porosh Pipool(পরশ পিপুল ফুল), etc. Outside of our country, this flower is known as Portia flower, Pacific rosewood flower, etc. Botanical name of the flower is Thespesia populnea. It belongs to the plant family Malvaceae. This is one of the ancient plant species from the world. Very few such trees have sustained such a long time in this world right now, and it is one of those.

Its an small to medium sized tree and it's flower has an interesting criterion. Usually the color of the flower is Light yellow, but the stale flower changed into rosy. That's why you'll find both colors on the tree. Flower has 5/6 petals as a whorl. The shape of the flower is sometime looks like a bell. The stale flower use to drop out from the bract at the end of it's flowering cycle.

Porosh Pipul(পরশ পিপুল) plant use to grow around 8-10 meter in height. Such a small interesting plant use to grow beside the seashore, or the lands near there. Its very hard to find these trees at other places. There is a banyan tree species available in Bangladesh which is named as Oshoth(অশ্বথ). Leafs of this Portia plant is similar to that tree.

The wood of the plant is very hard and has supreme water resistance capability, that's why people use this on making boats, agricultural equipments, rifle butts, etc. Also, people use to extract color from the bark and the flower for dying. In medicinal history, people are using the extract from the fruit to cure several type of skin diseases.

Photos of this Porosh Pipool(পরশ পিপুল) flower were taken from the island named Nijhum Dip(নিঝুম দ্বীপ) from Bangladesh.

ফুলের জন্য ভালোবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল...


  1. These are beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't see this flower while I lived in Bangladesh. (Neither did I get to Nijhum Dip.) I enjoy browsing through your photos: they bring back good memories! Regards, Ann (Ireland)

  2. Thank you Ann for dropping a comment...! Basically this flower is mainly and only profound near the seashores... In my case it was the first time I saw this flower during my last tour...!

    I have had a hasty look at your blog... You did a nice work by putting varieties of your experiences there... I respect people who have feelings for my country...

  3. its a gorgeous flower, i'm hoping to add these to my exotic fruit, flowers and vegetables of Bangladesh collection in Sheffield U.K. Im hoping to locate it .