Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snowberry(কাউকরা ফল) - Flueggea virosa

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Bengali Name : কাউকরা ফল, বংলা গোটা, শিকোড়ি।
Common Name : Snowberry, Common Bushweed.
Botanical Name : Flueggea virosa
Family : Phyllanthaceae

This is a very delicate looking fruit having snow white color. It grows in wild mostly and it is not always eaten. In our village, people call this Bongla Gota(বংলা গোটা ). But using that name, it was kind off difficult for me to identify this plant exactly. Also, I have never seen the fruit of this, even not yet today. Mokaram Hossen(মোকারম হোসেন), a book writer on plant who wrote an article on a newspaper and it helped me to know more about it.

Botanical name of this beautiful fruit is Flueggea virosa. It Belongs to the plant family Phyllanthaceae. Common name of the fruit is Sonwberry, Common Bushweed, White Currant, etc. In Bangladesh we call this as Kaukora Fol(কাউকরা ফল), Shikori(শিকোড়ি), Bongla Gota(বংলা গোটা), etc. I think it is native to Africa, I found a Zimbabwean plant website has marked this as native to their region.

Snowberry is a branched shrubby plant but can grow as a small tree as well. I have seen this as tree beside a small waterfall. I have never seen it's flower. Fruits are small snow white in color and almost round in shape. Fruit has sticky things inside. Leafs of the plant are elliptical shaped. During it's season, the whole plant get covered with the fruits. Those just cover the brunches of the plant totally.

Photos of this article were taken from Rangamati(রাঙামাটি) during July 2011. It was beside a small waterfall on the way of Subolong(সুবলং).

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