Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kash Ful(কাশ ফুল) - Saccharum spontaneum

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Bengali Name : Kash ful, কাশ ফুল
Common Name : Wild sugarcane, Kash ful.
Botanical Name : Saccharum spontaneum
Family : Poaceae(grass family)

শরত কালের আরও একটি ফুল হলো কাশফুল... শুভ্র সাদা রঙের কাশফুল নদীর ধরে দেখতে অনেক সুন্দর দেখায়... এই ফুলটাকে আমার অদ্ভূত লাগে... দূর থেকে এত সুন্দর, অথচ কাছে গেলেই এই ফুলের সুন্দর্য যেন হারিয়ে যায়... আমার ধারণা, দল বেধে থাকার কারণেই এই ফুলের সৌন্দর্য এত বেশি... এইবার চলন বিল ঘুরার সময় নৌকা থেকে অনেক উপভোগ করেছি এই ফুলের সৌন্দর্যকে...

Kash ful(কাশ ফুল) is native to South Asian region. It is massively available at Bangladesh, specially beside the bank of river, canal, or at any open unused fields. Though a large group of this flower looks extraordinarily beautiful, but still its a weed, and very hard to eradicate.

Kash(কাশ ফুল) is basically a grass plant. Botanical name of this flower is Saccharum spontaneum from the plant family Poaceae. In Bangladesh we call this as Kash Ful(কাশ ফুল). This is a gregarious weed plant that brings bright white silky flower. Instead of a single flower, this looks beautiful as a group, specially from far.

Leafs of this plant are very harsh and having sharp edges which can easily place a cut mark over human skin when brushes unintentionally. Plant grows several feet in height and grows as a bush. Stem of the plant is similar to sugarcane, but having not that much sweet in it.

Flowers are feather like, bright white, and having lot of silky stuffs. From far, during the blooming season a jungle of Kash(কাশ ফুল) looks like a white carpet. Its even more beautiful when those dense flower bunches are waved by the wind. Mesmerized by the beauty of this flower, specially beside the river bank, lot of poets delivered lot of poems in our Bengali literature.

The silky feather of the flower use to help flying the weightless seeds over air. During the October/November we use to see lot of such things are floating over air. This is basically how it disperses. Also, the seeds can move using by the water of canal or river nearby.

Photos of this article were taken from Pabna(পাবনা) during my tour at September 2012.

ফুলের জন্য ভালোবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল...

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