Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Devil Tree (ছাতিম ফুল) - Alstonia scholaris

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Bengali Name : ছাতিম ফুল, Chhatim ful.
Common Name : Devil Tree
Botanical Name : Alstonia scholaris
Family : Apocynaceae(Oleander family)

ঘন পাতা যুক্ত খুব অল্প গাছই আছে আমাদের বাংলাদেশে... তার মধ্যে ছাতিম অন্যতম... গাছের পাতা গুলো এত সুন্দর, যে ফুল ছাড়াই গাছকে সুন্দর দেখায় অনেক... অনেকেই এই গাছের সাথে ভুতের যোগসাজশ খুঁজে পায়... আমার ধারণা এই গাছের ঘন পাতাই এর কারণ... অনেক পথিকই আছে যারা সন্ধার আসেপাশে এই গাছের নিচে দুই দন্ড বসার আগে কয়েকবার ভাববে... আমি কখনোই এই ফুলকে ফুটন্ত অবস্থায় দেখার সুযোগ পাই নাই... মিষ্টি গন্ধ যুক্ত কলি ছাতিমের ফুল দিয়েই আজকের লেখা...

Chhatim(ছাতিম ফুল) is a very beautiful plant from Bangladesh whether it is having flower or not. People think this is the asylum of ghosts, devils, etc and thus they gave it's name Devil Tree. In our country we call this Chhatim(ছাতিম) Tree. Botanical name is Alstonia scholaris and it belongs to the plant family Apocynaceae.

Chhatim(ছাতিম) is a lovely evergreen medium sized tree that is having liner leafs with lovely foliage. Those leafs are to be in a cluster and made the tree beautiful without any flower. This plant use to have dense leafs on it and thus provides a good shade to the pedestrians from sun. But, as it has a connection with devil, most of the people are reluctant to sit under this tree, specially during sunset.

Flowers of this plant are white in color with greenish touch. It has a sweet fragrance. Small semi tubular flowers are appearing in a cluster and bloom during the night. Throughout the month of October and November, you'll see this flowers in Bangladesh.

This plant is using at several purposes(to make educational materials). Pencils are common which use to be made from this wood. The slate board for children, or chalk board for students are use to be made from Devil tree's wood. That's why it has a species name scholaris.

Photos of Chhatim ful(ছাতিম ফুল) for this article were taken from Handila, Pabna(হান্ডিয়াল, পাবনা) during September 2012.

ফুলের জন্য ভালোবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল...

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