Brahmanbaria: Poddo Beel of Ghagutia(ঘাগুটিয়ার পদ্ম বিল)

Friday, 05 October 2012

Recently found an article on the newspaper about a Beel(বিল) which is profound with thousands of lotus flowers. Its located at the Akhaura(আখাউড়া) of Brahmanbaria(ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া) district. After reviewing that article, I have instantly decided to visit this wonderful place. Hopefully by the end of this month October, this Beel(বিল) will be dried up fully. So didn't want to miss my chance. This time it was a team of two.

We have started our journey from Komlapur Bus Stand(কমলাপুর বাস স্ট্যান্ড), using the Bus of Shohag Poribohon(সোহাগ পরিবহন). It was 07:15 of the morning. The bus service wasn't that much good, but handy enough to travel 2-3 hours. When we have reached at the Brahmanbaria(ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া), it was almost near to 11 at the morning. It took more than three hours to reach. We had a breakfast, but not the usual heavy one. The quality of the food was not great on that restaurant.

After a cursory breakfast, we have hired a CNG auto rickshaw for the Ghagutia(ঘাগুটিয়া) Minarkut(মিনারকুট) village. I have collected the road direction from the restaurant manager, and forwarded that info to the CNG driver. The route was something like "Gongasagor(গঙ্গা সাগর) -> Mugra(মুগরা) -> Ghagutia(ঘাগুটিয়া)". This information was enough for any vehicle driver of that area. We have hired our vehicle for 320 Taka for a single trip.

চাঁদ মালা ফুল...

CNG journey was not boring as I thought initially. Vast area beside the road was just flooded from the water from a river. At one place, the road was completely over the water, only the road is bisecting the water. It was miles after mile and continuing. We have captured photos from several places.

After reaching the Gongasagor(গঙ্গা সাগর), the road was new to the driver too. So we were asking the pedestrian villagers for correct the directions. That place was near to the Indian border and several BGB camps were available there. After querying to several villagers, we have confirmed that the Beel(বিল) is actually located beside the Ghagutia(ঘাগুটিয়া) BGB camp. Local people pronounce that village name as Ghaguitta(ঘাগুইটটা).

Initially the soldiers from the camp were not interested to let us pass. Lot of drug and unauthorized dealings use to happen there. So they didn't want to trust that we went there only to visit that poor Beel(বিল) beside the camp. Also they were asking whether there is any Lotus flower near Dhaka or not, and why we went that far. It was almost 12 at the noon when we have reached there.

Dense leafs of Lotus

There is a house available near the camp, and that house only has boat. Without any boat you can not explore the Beel(বিল). But unfortunately both of the boats were gone from the house. One was taken for an invitation attending, and other one was busy with collecting grass from the middle of the Beel(বিল). So we had nothing to do, unless sitting beside the Beel(বিল) and waiting for the boats. Possibly we have wasted our 1.5 hours time there before one of those boat returned.

The owner's name of the boat is Mohammad Shohel(মোহাম্মদ সোহেল) and his father's name is Mohammad Younus(মোহাম্মদ ইউনুস). Remember, they are not poor, and wealthy enough. Shohel(সোহেল) was enthusiastic to push the boat for us along with his kid daughter. It was a nice experience to ride a boat over such a marshy place. As the water level is decreasing day by day, it was hard to push the boat through those dense leafs of lotus and lilies.

The number of lotus flower was not bad on the Beel. Usually it had more, but during the morning, lot of those Poddo flowers(পদ্ম ফুল) were collected by the villagers. We could see the broken stalk of flowers here and there. We have collected lot of flowers from the Beel(বিল) during our ride. Also we have collected lot of Poddo(পদ্ম) fruits. The whole Beel(বিল) was covered with plants like Poddo(পদ্ম ফুল), Shaluk(শালুক), Chad Mala(চাঁদ মালা), and other aquatic flowers.

Beside the beel(বিল), the Indian border is visible easily. In fact, few of the portion of that beel(বিল) are actually inside the India. But almost 80 percent is inside Bangladesh. Within few month the water will be completely dried up and villagers will cultivate paddy there. Again at next rainy season, the Beel(বিল) will be flourished with Poddo(চাঁদ মালা) and other aquatic flowers.

We have thanked Shohel for his help. He was generous and kind for us. While we were waiting beside the Beel, he invited us to sit at his house. In fact he was interested to bring his chairs near the Beel for us. Once again, without his help, we had to return back with an empty pair of hands.

We have kept the CNG driver with us. So while returning from the village, we used his vehicle. Once again after through that marvelous path, we have returned back to the Brahmanbaria(ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া) town. When we have returned back to the town, it was just after 4:00 at afternoon. We have paid to the vehicle driver a total of 850 taka for his service.

পদ্ম বিলে ফিঙে পাখি...

পদ্য পাতায় জল...

ঝরে পরার আগের মুহুর্তে পদ্ম ফুল...

How to Go:

Above article has all info about how to reach near to the place. Also, for your help, here is the GPS coordinate of the Beel(বিল): (23°47'26.71"N, 91°13'28.31"E). Hope this will help you.


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