Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sessile Joyweed(মাটি কন্দুরি) - Alternanthera sessilis

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Bengali Name : মাটি কন্দুরি
Common Name : Sessile Joyweed, Dwarf Copperleaf, etc.
Botanical Name : Alternanthera sessilis
Family : Amaranthaceae

Its a weed plant and commonly known as Joyweed. Botanical name of the plant is Alternanthera sessilis. The flower of this Joyweed is similar to the Alligator weed plant. It belongs to the family Amaranthaceae. Possibly it is called as Mati Konduri(মাটি কন্দুরি) in Bangla(বাংলা).

Its an annual, perennial herb plant that grows near the water or wet lands. As it prefers high humidity, so you'll find this always near the swamp, paddy fields, etc areas. Leafs of this plant are ovate to elliptical.

It is hard to describe the flower of this plant. These are very small and slight round shaped. Lot of small flowers are comprises into that small ball. Color of the flower is from shinny silver to slight touch of pink, but still silvery in color.

Though the Joyweed is a weed, but people from some region use to eat this as vegetable. Also it has some uses in herbal medicine too.

Photos of this article were taken from Gazipur(গাজীপুর) during June 2012.

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