Friday, August 10, 2012

Rain of Gold - Galphimia glauca

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Common Name : Rain of Gold, Spray of Gold, Thryallis, etc.
Botanical Name : Galphimia glauca
Family : Malpighiaceae(Barbados cherry family)

This is an ornamental flower and not belongs to our territory. It is native to Mexico and Central America. It is commonly known as Rain of Gold for it's delicate yellow color. Scientific name of the flower is Galphimia glauca, and it belongs to the plant family Malpighiaceae.

Thryallis is an evergreen tropical plant that can grow up to an height of a fully grown man. Oblong leafs of the plant are arranged oppositely around the stem. Stems are kind of reddish in color.

Flowers of Thryallis are very showy. In fact it takes all the attraction of the garden towards itself. Color of the flower are strong yellow and for it's viable yellow color it is know as Rain of Gold, Shower of Gold, etc. Flowers are having five separated petals and the stamens are at the center of the flower. Each petals are having a shape of spoon.

Photos of this article were captured from the Brikkho Mela(বৃক্ষ মেলা) during June 2012.

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