Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Leopard Lily - Belamcanda chinensis

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Common Name : Leopard lily, Blackberry lily, etc.
Botanical Name : Belamcanda chinensis
Family : Iridaceae

Our today's flower is Leopard Lily. This flower is having dotted like a leopard, that's why it has such name. It has a scientific name Belamcanda chinensis and it belongs to the plant family Iridaceae.

Leopard lily is also known as Blackberry lily. Its a rhizomatous erect perennial having a height of 2-3 ft. Leafs are sword shaped and flowers are loosely clusters. Its an ornamental flowering plant.

Leopard lily flowers are extremely beautiful. This delicate flower is having six petals. Color of the flower is orange and having dark red/brick colored spots on it. A centered stigma is surrounded by three stamens having yellow filaments.

The seed of the plant is poisonous, also part of the plant is poisonous when ingested.

Photos of this article were taken from Bandarban(বান্দরবান), I was traveling there during August 2012.

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