Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wax Begonia Flower(বেগনিয়া ফুল)

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Wax Begonia is an ornamental flowering plant. I have seen this flower at the YWCA of Netrakona(নেত্রকোনা). A lot of hybrids of this flower are available. Botanical name of the flower is Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum(means everblooming). It belongs to the plant family Begoniaceae.

This plant is rarely seen to grow over a foot in height. This herb like flowering plant is also beautiful without it's flowers as it has colorful leafs. The whole plant is juicy and can grow both in shaded or sunny place.

Flowers of Wax Begonia can be either single or double. It can be in many colors. I have uploaded the photos are having peach color(some people say purple). Petals are waxy and having no redolence.

As the plant is succulent, you must not over watering the plant at your gardens or pots. The soil must have the capability to soak the water so that it don't rot juicy stem of the plant.

Photos of this article were captured during December of 2011. I was traveling at Netrakona(নেত্রকোনা) that time.

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