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Shada Chapa (সাদা চাঁপা ফুল) - Magnolia x Alba

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Bengali Name : Shada Chapa (সাদা চাঁপা ফুল), Shwet Chapa (শ্বেত চাঁপা ফুল).
Common Name : White champaca, White sandalwood.
Botanical Name : Magnolia x Alba
Family : Magnoliaceae (magnolia family)
Photo Taken : Bangladesh

Its a hybrid (of Michelia champaca and Magnolia montana) flower, never seen in wild. Botanical name of the flower is Magnolia x Alba from plant family Magnoliaceae. Common names are White Champaca, White Champak, White sandalwood, etc. This should be called as Shada Chapa (সাদা চাঁপা ফুল) or Shwet Chapa (শ্বেত চাঁপা ফুল) in Bangladesh as it's white in color.

Its a medium sized evergreen plant which can grow up to 40 ft in height. Leafs are light green and long (narrow at both ends). Leafs are having a slightly long and thick petiole. Leafs have a similarity with the mango leafs.

Flowers are highly fragrant, specially during night. This flower is revered at China for its scent. Flowers are creamy white and having 12-20 slim and long petals (some scholar say sepals). Interestingly, the leafs of this plant are having mild fragrance too. Perfumes made from this flower are very expensive.

Shada Chapa (সাদা চাঁপা) is mainly an ornamental flowering plant. In Bangladesh we do not have this too many as it is a hybrid. This flower is available at Dhaka University area and Dhanmondi Lake area (road 5) of Bangladesh. As I saw a stall was selling this plant during the Brikkho Mela (বৃক্ষ মেলা), I believe few people in Dhaka have this plant at their garden or house.

This one was taken from Brikkho Mela 2012, Dhaka (বৃক্ষ মেলা ২০১২, ঢাকা).

Photos of this article were taken from the following locations:
 1) June 2012: Brikkho Mela (বৃক্ষ মেলা), Dhaka, Bangladesh.
 2) 30 May 2015: Dhanmondi Lake area, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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