Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yellow Rain Lily - Zephyranthes citrina

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This is a rain lily and yellow colored. This flower is native to America(North, South). Botanical name of yellow rain lily is Zephyranthes citrina. It belongs to the plant family Amaryllidaceae. This flower can be white, purple, etc. In Bangladesh, some people call this as Peyaj Ful(পেয়াজ ফুল).

This is a single flower having six yellow petals. The filaments over the stamens are slight larger and easily noticed. Leafs are slim, slender and flower blooms over a long stalk. At it's native zone, this blooms just after the rainy season, and this is the reason behind it's taxonomy.

This herbaceous plant can be toxic, but still this is having several medicinal uses. Also, this is using as ornamental flower at our gardens. Propagation of the rain lily is done by rhizomes and bulbs.

The fruit of rain lily

Photos of this article were taken from Moddho Badda(মধ্য বাড্ডা) at May 2012.

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