Thursday, June 28, 2012

Til Ful(তিল ফুল) - Sesamum orientale

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তিলকে তাল বানানোর প্রবাদটি আমরা কম বেশি সবাই শুনেছি... আবার তিলের খাজাও কম বেশি আমরা চিনি, খেয়েছিও... আজকে সেই তিলের ফুলকে নিয়ে লেখব... আমাদের দেশের চর অঞ্চলের দিকে মানুষ এই তিলের চাষ করে থাকে... ছোট ছোট মিষ্টি রঙের তিল ফুলের কিছু ছবি দিয়ে দিলাম লেখার সাথে...

Our today's flower is Sesame flower. This is neither a weed nor an ornamental flowering plant. Instead, its a crop plant that our farmers use to grow at sandy lands. The seed of this plant is the great source edible oil Til(তিল).

Botanical name of this plant is Sesamum orientale (Synonym Sesamum indicum). It belongs to the plant family Pedaliacae. In Bangladesh we call this crop flower is Til Ful(তিল ফুল).

Til(তিল) is an annual herb. Flowers can be in several colors. But my photos are having a white colored flower from far sight, but if you take a closer look, you'll find a light touch of peach color. Flowers are slightly bell shaped and a portion at bottom is slightly protruded.

This crop is mainly cultivated for it's seed. This seed then later uses to decorate the candies(Tiler Khaja, তিলের খাজা). People use to extract oil from the seeds too.

Photos of this article were taken from a field amid of the moribund river Padma at Rajshahi(রাজশাহীর পদ্মার চর). I was traveling there during June 2012.

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