Friday, June 8, 2012

Shosha Ful(শশা ফুল) - Cucumis sativus

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ছোট ছোট শশা ফুল দেখতে হলুদ রঙের হয়... পুরুষ ও স্ত্রী ফুল আলাদা আলাদা হয়... পাতা খসখসে, আর লতানো এই গাছের লতা হয় কাটা যুক্ত... যেহেতু সালাদ আর সবজি হিসেবে শশার বেশ চাহিদা রয়েছে, তাই বানিজ্যিক ভাবে এর চাষ করা হয়...

Cucumber is the largest cultivated plant from Cucurbitaceae(gourd) family. Botanical name of cucumber is Cucumis sativus. In Bangladesh this is called as Shosha(শশা). Cucumber is native to South Asia, but now widely available throughout the world.

Cucumber(শশা) is a creeping vine like plant. The whole plant is rough and the vine is having spike like thorns. Flowers are yellow in color(off white/faded at the center) and smaller in size. Female flower is distinguished by the swollen ovary at the bottom of the flower.

These small yellow cucumber flowers(শশা ফুল) bring cylindrical fruits which are delicious and used as vegetable or at salad. That's why it is widely cultivated. A new plant can be grown easily using the mature seeds.

Photos of this article were taken from Dinajpur(দিনাজপুর). I was traveling there during May 2012.

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