Monday, June 25, 2012

Shojne Ful(সজনে ফুল) - Moringa oleifera

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Shojne Ful(সজনে ফুল), Shojina ful(সজিনা ফুল), or Shajna ful(সাজনা ফুল) whatever you call in our native language is basically known as Drumstick Tree for it's stick like seed pod. Also it is known as West Indian Bean. Botanical name is Moringa oleifera from the plant family Moringaceae (drumstick family).

Plant can grow 8-10 meters in height. Its actually a deciduous plant and the tree is very soft. It can be easily broken during climbing. Flowers are white in color and bloom as cluster. Flower blossom is more prominent during the early morning and starts to demise accruing with the day's progress. During the morning, lot of fallen flowers are found under the tree.

In our territory, we use the seed pod of Shojne(সজনে) as vegetable. At some part of our region people use the verdant leafs as vegetable. Also the flowers are palatable dish when fried. In Thailand, people cultivate this plant for it's leafs which later they use at soup.

Photos of this article were taken from Rajshahi(রাজশাহী) and Chapainawabganj(চাপাইনবাবগঞ্জ) during June 2012.

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