Monday, June 25, 2012

Poddo Ful(পদ্ম ফুল) - Nelumbo nucifera

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Bengali Name : পদ্ম ফুল, কমল
Common Name : Lotus.
Botanical Name : Nelumbo nucifera
Family : Nelumbonaceae

অনেক শুনেছি পদ্ম ফুল নিয়ে... কিন্তু কখনো দেখার সুযোগ হয়নি... সব সময় শাপলা ফুলই দেখে এসেছি... এইবার প্রথম দেখলাম পদ্ম ফুল... অনেক সুন্দর দেখতে... পাতা শাপলা ফুলের মতনই হয়, কিন্তু সম্পূর্ণ গোলাকার... যেখানে শাপলা ফুলের পাতা এক প্বার্শে কাটা থাকে... অনেকটা কচু পাতার মতন মসৃন হয় পদ্ম পাতার উপরিভাগ... বৃষ্টির পানি পড়লে সহজেই গড়াগড়ি খায় পাতার উপরে...

Poddo Ful(পদ্ম ফুল), also known as Komol(কমল) in our native language in Bangladesh. In English, this is known as Lotus, Indian lotus, etc. This is considered as the national flower of India. People of India also call this as Padma Ful(পদ্ম ফুল). In Pakistan, this is known as Nilufer(নীলুফার). Botanical name of Lotus is Nelumbo nucifera. It belongs to the plant family Nelumbonaceae (Lotus family). The lotus flower is highly revered to the both Hindu and Buddhist people as lot of their deities are directly related with this flower.

Like the lily flower, Lotus is another species that grows at water and having almost the similar structures. Some people may confused with lilies and lotuses. But if you look closely, you'll find that the leafs of lotus are round/semi-round shaped and the stalk is exactly at center of bottom side. At other hand, the leafs of lily are having slightly sliced up(like a piece of cake is cut from whole). Also, the flowers are slightly different too. Specially the petal's structures and the curves.

Flowers are extremely beautify and the petals are oriented in a masterclass way. Leaf stalks are vascular, and the large leafs are easily buoyant around the flowers. Leafs are having smooth at the upper surface with lovely foliage. Water from raindrop can easily slips over the leaf. In our country, 30/40 years back, people were selling salts on the Poddo leafs(পদ্ম পাতা). What a nature friendly way that was at Goldy old days!

There are different colors of Lotus are available. But right now, I have started this article with creamy white Lotus flower. In future, I'll try to add other colors. Photos of this article were taken from Chapainawabganj(চাপাইনবাবগঞ্জ) during June 2012. Before that I have never seen Podmo Ful(পদ্ম ফুল) in real.

Updated at October 11 2012:

Recently I have visited a Beel located at Ghagutia which basically a kingdom of lotus flower. Color of those lotus flowers were pink. Below is the photos of Lotus from that tour. It was during October 2012.

A closer look to the ovary and stamens of the flower.

Fruit of the flower containing delicious nuts.


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    1. I have blue (or violet) waterlily instead of lotus!

  2. its so so beauriful and nature like soul.