Friday, June 8, 2012

Kata Mehedi(কাঁটা মেহেদী ফুল) - Duranta repens

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শহরের তুলনায় গ্রামের দিকে এই ফুলের ঝোপের দেখা বেশী পাওয়া যায়... খুব সহজেই পরিচর্যা ছাড়া এই গাছ হয়... একটা ডাল ভেঙ্গে লাগিয়ে দিলেই গাছ বাড়তে থাকে... তাই গ্রামের দিকে লোকজন এইটাকে ঝোপের আকার দিয়ে বেড়া হিসাবে ব্যবহার করে থাকে... এই ফুলকে কাটা মেহেদী ফুল নামেই ডাকা হয়... যদিও এই ফুলের আরো অনেক রং হয়(নীলের মধ্যেই)...

I have an article about Duranta erecta few years back. Today, this article is having the flower exactly species. But both are different in flower color and leaf's shape. This is known as Kata Mehedi Ful(কাঁটা মেহেদী ফুল) in our country. For your information, botanical name is Duranta Repens from family Verbenaceae.

This is a small shrubby plant. Near around our villages, we use this plant for drawing boundary or making natural fence. Flowers are blue/violet in color and the leafs are having toothed/zigzag at the borders. Where as the Duranta erecta is having different colored flower and the leafs are glossy and smooth at the both sides.

Another variety of this flower is having bright violet color with white edges at the border of the flower. This one is more showy, and blossoms are more prominent. Probably this one is ornamental, cause I didn't see this in any place other than gardens.

Photos of this article were taken from Dinajpur(দিনাজপুর), and Gazipur(গাজীপুর). I was traveling there during May/June 2012.

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