Friday, June 22, 2012

Kamini Ful(কামিনী ফুল) - Murraya paniculata

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Kamini(কামিনী ফুল) is a highly scented flower that is native to our South Asian region. English people knows this flowering plant as Orange Jesmine. Botanical name is Murraya paniculata, a synonym is Murraya exotica. This pertains to the plant family Rutaceae (citrus family).

Kamini(কামিনী ফুল) is basically a shrubby plant, but can be grown as a small tree. Also, it's size can be controlled by proper pruning. Leafs are glossy dark green, and the plant is evergreen. Flowers are creamy white and having a very sweet redolence. Its a night blooming flower, and the fragrance is high just after the blooming. Flower blooms more or less every season of the year.

Orange Jesmine has lot of medicinal uses in our Indian territory. People makes a special kind of tea using this plant and drink for several cures. Also Hindu people use this flower during their prayer.

Photos of this article were taken from Rajshahi(রাজশাহী) during June 2012.

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