Saturday, June 30, 2012

Furush Ful(ফুরুস ফুল) - Lagerstroemia indica

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Common name of this flower is Crape myrtle. This is now widely seen at the islands of the road at Dhaka city. Mainly two colors i have seen for this flower, white and pink(many hybrids available). Its a showy flowering plant which can entirely cover the tree by it's flower. We call this flower Furush Ful(ফুরুস ফুল).

Botanical/Scientific name of Furush Ful(ফুরুস ফুল) is Lagerstroemia indica. It belongs to the plant family Lythraceae. This is native to the China, Japan and Korean territory, but successfully suited with the weather of our country. This flower is common at our parks and public gardens.

As the flowers use to cover the whole plant during blooming season, so its obvious that its a cluster flower. Leafs are small and having lovely foliage. Instead of pink flower, I like the white one most.

This shrubby to small sized tree brings flower more or less every seasons, but I have found most during rainy season. Its lovely to see rain wet Furush Ful(ফুরুস ফুল) instead of normal state.

Photos of this article were taken from several places like Dhaka, Gazipur, etc.

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