Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bokul Ful(বকুল ফুল) - Mimusops elengi

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Bengali Name : Bokul Ful(বকুল ফুল).
Common Name : Spanish Cherry.
Botanical Name : Mimusops elengi
Family : Sapotaceae(Mohua family)

Our today's flower is Bokul Ful(বকুল ফুল). This is known as Spanish Cherry in English. Botanical name of this flower is Mimusops elengi. It belongs to the plant family Sapotaceae (Mahua family).

Bokul is a small to medium sized evergreen tree. Leafs are dark green, oval shaped and glossy. Bark of the tree is very thick and dark greyish in color. The wood of this tree is highly valuable. May be this is a reason to call this as bullet wood!

হারানো হিয়ার মাঝে কুড়াই ঝরা ফুল...(captured from Gopalganj/2013)

ঝরা বকুল ফুল

Bokul flowers(বকুল ফুল) are creamy white color and star shaped. There is a raising crown available at the middle of the flower. It's flower is having extreme redolence. Even after dried up, the flower still holds the fragrance. That's why people keep this flower at home, even after it's dread condition.

During the day, flowers use to fall from the tree at ground. People use to collect those fallen flowers to make small garlands. Hindu people use this at temple for prayer. The fruit and bark of this plant is having several medicinal uses(bad breathe, gum treatment, etc).

Photos of this article were taken from Rajshahi(রাজশাহী). I was traveling there during June 2012.

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