Friday, June 29, 2012

Beli Ful(বেলী ফুল) - Jasminum sambac

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শুভ্র সাদা রঙের ফুল বেলী... ছোট ছোট সাদা ফুলের তীব্র মিষ্টি গন্ধ হয়... ফুল ফোটার সময় বাতাসকে এর মিষ্টি গন্ধে ভারী করে তোলে... আজকে কিছু বেলী ফুলের ছবি দিয়ে দিলাম...

Our Beli Ful(বেলী ফুল) is known as Arabian Jasmine to outsiders. This is a highly scented ornamental flowering plant. Botanical name of this flower is Jasminum sambac. It belongs to the plant family Oleaceae. This beautiful flower is native to our territory.

This is mainly a small bushy shrubby type of plant which normally grows 1-2 ft in height, but can grow more. The woody stems sometime seemed vine like. Leafs of this evergreen plant are ovate(sometimes lens shaped). Wide glossy leafs are found as a whorl around the stem.

Beli(বেলী ফুল) flowers are small, milky white and having very high fragrance. Most of the cases this flower blooms during night, but still you'll see this flower at the tree during day time. Small garlands use to make from this flower which basically handled by women to decorate their hair bunch.

This ornamental plant Beli(বেলী ফুল) is mainly seen at the gardens. It requires full sunlight for proper growing. Propagation of this flowering plant is done using the cutting. Very rare to see seeds from this plant.

Photos of this article were taken from Chapainawabganj(চাপাই নবাবগঞ্জ), I was traveling there during June 2012.

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