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Oporajita ful (অপরাজিতা ফুল) - Clitoria ternatea

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Bengali Name : Oporajita ful (অপরাজিতা ফুল).
Common Name : Butterfly Pea, Blue Pea, etc.
Botanical Name : Clitoria ternatea
Family : Fabaceae(Pea family)

Oporajita (অপরাজিতা) is a strikingly attractive deep blue colored flower from the Fabaceae (pea family). Its common names are Butterfly Pea, Blue Pea, etc. Botanical or binomial name is Clitoria ternatea. This plant is native to tropical part of Asia, but widely available at other regions. In Bengali the word Oporajita means unbeaten.

We use this plant as an ornamental for its beautiful flower. Though most of the times blue one is seen, but the white colored flowers are available too. Plant is twining climbing vine. We use this at the gates, fences, walls, etc for decoration purpose. This is a perennial herbaceous vine having elliptical leafs. Each leaf contains around 5 leaflets.

The nomenclature of this flower is related with the human anatomy. Roughly the flower reassembles the upper part of female genital. That's why the botanists have picked the genus as Clitoria. The flowers use to be hand upside down from the vine. The flower has a spathe like petal that covers another (or two) inner petal.

Photos of this article were taken from several locations of Bangladesh:

1) December 2011: Birishiri, Netrakona (বিরিশিরি, নেত্রকোনা),
2) January 2012: Bonani, Dhaka (বনানী, ঢাকা),
3) March 2013: Agriculture University, Mymensingh (ময়মনসিংহ),
4) April 2015: Gulsha, Dhaka (গুলশান, ঢাকা)

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