Saturday, May 12, 2012

Madhu Maloti(মধু মালতী) - Quisqualis indica

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এই ফুলের অনেক নাম, মধুমালতী, মাধুরী লতা, মধু মঞ্জুরী, প্রভৃতি... একই ফুলের আবার রংও হয় অনেক... লাল, সাদা, হালকা গোলাপী... ফুলের সামনের দিকটা লালচে হয় আর ওপর পাশের, মানে পেছনের দিকটা হয় সাদাটে মতন... লতানো এই ফুলের গাছকে আমরা বাড়ীর সামনের দরজায় সৌন্দর্য বাড়ানোর জন্য লাগিয়ে থাকি... থোকায় থোকায় ফুল হয়, আর একটু মিষ্টি গন্ধ থাকে সাথে... প্রায় সারা বছরই এই গাছে ফুল হয়...

Botanical name of this flower is Quisqualis indica. It pertains to the plant family Combretaceae. There are several local names available for this flower at our country Bangladesh, such as Madhuri Lota(মাধুরী লতা), Modhu Monjori(মধু মঞ্জুরী), Modhu Maloti(মধু মালতী), etc. English name is Rangoon Creeper. This flowering plant is native to India.

Madhuri Lota(মাধুরী লতা) is a vine like twining climber ornamental flowering plant. We use to plant this near the gate to decorate it. Leafs are elliptical and other side is rough and having texture on it. The plant can grow very fast without any proper care. Apart from the gate, we also use this plant at fence.

The same plant brings three different color of flowers starting from red to rosy and white. Front face of the flower is reddish/pinkish and the other side is slightly faded color. Flower comes as a cluster and use to hang downwards from the vine. The tubular flowers are having a long shaft/base that holds the flower from the vine. It has a sweet fragrance.

Basically we use Madhu Maloti(মধু মালতী) as an ornamental flowering plant. But it has several medicinal uses like other plants in nature.

Photos of this article were initially taken from Gulshan, during May 2012. But few of the photos later added which were taken from Rajshahi, during June 2012.


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