Monday, May 14, 2012

Lobster claw - Heliconia rostrata

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Flower name is Heliconia, and is the most common flower from the plant family Heliconiaceae (heliconia family). This is mainly native to South America, more specifically to Peru and Ecuador. It has several names, such as Hanging Lobster, Lobster Claw, Bird of Paradise(some people says False Bird of Paradise), etc. Botanical name of this beautiful flower is Heliconia rostrata. Heliconia doesn't have any suitable name in our mother tongue Bangla.

Heliconia plant grows around 6-8 ft tall. Leafs are almost similar to the Banana leafs. Flowers are downwards pendent inflorescence with red/yellowish bracts. Each flower is full with plenty of water and nectar for the birds and insects. The shape of the flower reassembles the claw of lobster. Also it looks like the beaked of the parrot. Thats why this flower is having those names.

The hard shelled bracts of this flower is giving it a long term durability which just allow it to hang on the tree for a longer period of time without changing color or faded away. Though its a foreign ornamental flowering plant, but now a days this is seen at the parks, front yard, road side often.

Flowers have plenty of nectar for insects and birds.

Photos of this article were taken from Banani of Dhaka during May 2012.

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