Seagull at Naaf River(নাফ নদীতে গাংচিল)

Seagulls are common at the Naff river and at the shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is not seen to much at other portion of our country Bangladesh. But it isn't many years when such kind of birds were widely available at our rivers. Like other rare birds, it is about to vanish from our country. Local name of this bird is Gangchil(গাংচিল).

Though the bird looks white, it has the combination of ash and black at the wings. This bird lives preying on the fishes along with various kind of foods including plants, fruits, seeds, dead or alive beings, etc.

This birds have very good control over the air. From our ship, we were throwing chips on the air, and the birds were catching those chips on air in spite of heavy breeze. My last one hour of the cruising passed by watching the plays of these gregarious birds.