Saint Martin's Island, Bangladesh(সেন্ট মার্টিন দ্বীপ)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 20/21/22 January 2012

St Martin's Island is the most beautiful island from Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ) which is located at the southern bay. This island is the only coral island from Bangladesh. Local name of the island is "Narkel Jinjira"(নারকেল জিনজিরা) which means island of coconut. GPS coordinate of the amazing island is (20°37'45.64"N, 92°19'29.00"E).

The map of this bewitching island look like '8' of English number. Middle of the island is so narrow that you can see the sea at both eastern and western side. Possibly the width of the island is several hundred meter at that portion. Name of that portion is Golachipa(গলা চিপা).

We have reached at the st martin's island at 1:00 at the day. We have missed our ship and that cause the delayed arrival. After the quick lunch we have reached at the beach for swimming at the ocean water. During the afternoon we have enjoyed the sunset from the western portion of the island.

Live Coral stuck over the stone.

Under the jetty, coral gathered around the pillar.

You can have an invigorating walk at the long empty beach.

Rup Chanda Barbi-Q

Koral fish Barbi-Q

During the night we have passed our time by playing cards and enjoying the barbi-Q. We have tasted Rup Chanda(রূপ চান্দা), Koral(কোরাল), Flying Fish, Chicken Barbi-Q at two nights. Nure Alam(নুরে আলম), the guy from Sea Crown resort helped us for that. He seemed a generous guy to me. Next day he invited us to his house and offered free coconut.

Flying fish with lobster.

Rupchanda barbi-Q

Next day started by enjoying the sunrise and then breakfast. After that we have moved towards the Chhera Dip(ছেড়া দ্বীপ). We went and returned from there by feet. It was a hectic day, but we have played cards until late night. Possibly this is the only way to pass night at St martin Island when it is null moon and your group is smaller like us.

At the next day, again we have enjoyed the sunrise, and then breakfast. After that we have had a nap and then leaved our hotel. At that moment we were homeless, so wandering around the beach until 3:00 pm. Then we have embarked on the ship and returned to Teknaf(টেকনাফ).

How to Go:

There are several bus services available from Dhaka to Teknaf(টেকনাফ). Using one of those you have to come at Teknaf(টেকনাফ). Best service from Dhaka is Shamoli Poribohon(শ্যামলী পরিবহন). Currently the bus fare is 800 taka. Alternately you can come to Cox's bazar from Dhaka and then using local bus services you can reach at Teknaf.

From the Teknaf jetty area you can use any ship of Sent Martin Island. Eagle, LCT Kutubdia(কুতুবদিয়া), Keyari Sindbad(কেয়ারী সিন্দাবাদ), etc are the few ship for the two hour sea crusing. A round trip ticket is 450 per person. You can buy the ticket of Ship from Dhaka if you want.

If you miss your ship, you can use Trawler 100 taka per person. Or use speed boat from Shah Porir Dip(শাহ পরীর দ্বীপ). Speed boat is costly. If you have max 8 member at your group, you can hire the boat for 2000 taka.

Where to Stay:

Plenty of hotels and guest houses are available at st martin island now a days. If you are with a group of bachelor people, you may not book hotels before arrivals. But if you are with your family that case make a reservation. Few good hotels from the island are Obokash(অবকাশ), Shimana Periye(সীমানা পেরিয়ে), Prince Heaven, Sand Shore, Blue Marine, etc. I have used a six bed cottage from Blue Marine Resort. It was 3000 taka per night. Contact number of their Dhaka booking office is 0173399001.

Where to Eat:

Few hotels of St martin's Island have food facilities. Those are considerably expensive but you can taste those if you are lazy. Basically the foods from the jetty area is the cheapest from the whole island. I'd prefer to have a walk towards the jetty and have a feast.

If you do not like to arrange the tour yourself, you can use help from tourism organizations. I bought Ship ticket from this guy 01916910987.


  1. Very helpful post for those who're interested, like me, to take a hop to Saint Martins for the first time. Thanks

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  3. This blog is just phenomenal! The hidden ancient mosques and waterfalls are really like something out of a fantasy movie. Please keep your adventures going and continue to post updates.

  4. what's the best time to travel there?
    should i check the forecast before planning to visit?
    n is it safe?
    i mean the journe.

    1. ## Best time is always winter and risk free, but lot of crowds...

      ## Also during other season you'll not find any ferry which means you have to use trawler... it is risky, less crowds, and adventurous...

  5. How much time it is needed to visit Chera Dip? Is it ok if I visit in February?

    1. by walking an hour... it is totally safe during february...


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