Sunday, February 12, 2012

Panikula Ful(পানিকুলা ফুল) - Dysophylla quadrifolia

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পানিকুলা ফুল, গোলাপী রঙের ছোট ছোট আগাছা ফুল... সাধারণত ধান খেতের ফসল কাটার পরে যে পতিত জমি থাকে, সেখানে এই গাছ হয়... আগাছা এই গাছ যেমন ছোট, তেমনি এর ফুলটাও ছোট হয়... থোকায় থোকায় ফুল হয়, খুব ভালো করে লক্ষ্য না করলে চোখে পরে না...

Botanical name of this tiny delicate flower is Dysophylla quadrifolia. It belongs to the plant family Lamiaceae(some people says Labiatae). In Bangladesh we call this Panikula Ful(পানিকুলা ফুল), Korpur(কর্পুর), etc. This is native to Asian region.

This is a herbaceous plant that grows at the moist land after the paddy harvesting. Its a very small herb plant and four leafs are placed as a whirl around the stem. Leafs have the fragrance similar to Tulshi(তুলসী) and Pudina(পুদিনা) leaf.

Flower are very small too. It has four petals. Color of the flower is pink. Flowers grow as a cluster. It produces small fruit that contains lot of seeds. Possibly this is the reason for making the plant totally eradicable.

It has several medicinal uses, most common use is to sooth the abdominal pain using the leaf.

Photos of this flowers were taken from Sunamganj, during my tour at February 2012.

ফুলের জন্য ভালবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল...

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