Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dudh Kolmi Ful(দুধ কলমী ফুল) - Ipomoea turpethum

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This is a morning glory flower. Scientific name of this flower is Operculina Turpethum with lot of synonyms, such as Operculina Turpethum, convolvulus turpethum, etc. It belongs to the plant family Convolvulaceae.

A flower bud

Common name of this weed flower is Ivy-leaf Morning Glory, Turpeth, Indian Jalap, etc. In Bangladesh we call this as Dudh Kolmi Ful(দুধ কলমী ফুল), possibly the white flower that is similar to the Kolmi ful(কলমী ফুল). In India, this flower is known as Nishoth.

Vine bush of this morning glory flower.

This Turpeth flower is a herbaceous hairy vine like plant. Leafs are ovate and narrowing to a pointed tip. It's leafs are placed opposite around the vine. Grows as a bush and occupy everything where it grows.

Flower comes from the axils of the leaf. Color of the flower is bright white and shape as a trumpet/funnel. This flower looks similar to other morning glory flowers having a star formed inside the petals.

This is considered as a weed plant, but has lot of medical uses of the root as anti inflammatory agent. Also it is a herbal purgative for the snake and scorpion bites.

Photos of this article were taken from St Martin's Island of Bangladesh(সেন্ট মার্টিন দ্বীপ, বাংলাদেশ) during January 2012.

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