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Water Lilly (শাপলা ফুল) - Nymphaea nymphaea

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Bengali Name : Shapla Ful(শাপলা ফুল).
Common Name : Water Lilly.
Botanical Name : Nymphaea nymphaea
Family : Nymphaeaceae

আমাদের বাংলাদেশের জাতীয় ফুলের নাম শাপলা... আমার ব্লগে তাই আমাদের জাতীয় ফুলকে নিয়ে না লেখা থাকলে কেমন দেখায়...? এই বর্ষায় আমি কোথাও বের হতে পারি নাই, তাই ভালো শাপলার ফটো এখনো যোগাড় করতে পারি নাই... আপাতত কাজ চালানোর মতন একটা হালকা গোলাপী রঙের শাপলা ফুলের ছবি দিয়ে লেখা পোস্ট করে দিলাম... পরবর্তিতে আস্তে ধীরে অন্য রঙের শাপলা ফুলের ছবি দিয়ে দিবো... আপাতত এইটুক জেনে রাখি, আমাদের জাতীয় ফুল শাপলার রং হলো সাদা...

Light pink colored Water Lilly(হালকা গোলাপী রঙের শাপলা ফুল)
at Mohera, Tangail(মহেড়া, টাঙ্গাইল)

Water Lilly is the national flower of Bangladesh, specially the white one. In our country we call this as Shapla Ful(শাপলা ফুল). Botanical name of this flower is Nymphaea nymphaea. This belongs to the plant family Nymphaeaceae. This grows at small pond to large one, bank of the river, beel(বিল), haor(হাওর), etc. It cannot grow if the depth of the water is too deep.

Blue Waterlily(নীল শাপলা ফুল)
at Pukurpara(পুকুর পারা) Lake, Bandarban

Waterlily is an aquatic plant that brings lovely flower in various colors such as pink, blue, white, purple, etc. Leafs of this plant are almost round shaped and float over the water like a plate. The stems of this plant are vascular and can able to float over the water. No matter the height of the water, the leafs of lily flower will try to be over the water.

Flower is having plenty of firm petals with yellow centered. Those yellow things are the stamens of the flower. Flower has a light redolence. After germination, the flower converts into a fruit which is a tasty one when ripen. Also from that fruit, people use to make a food that is similar to puffed rice.

A nice dish can be made from the stems of waterlily flower. Specially the dry fish with the stems. I love it. During the rainy season in Bangladesh, lot of low land used to be under the water and this lovely flower used to grow that time all around. Mile after mile you'll find white waterlilies on that water.

Shapla ful(শাপলা ফুল) used to propagate from the root. When the water dries from the land, the root used to be dormant until next season. With a touch from the water during rainy season, this finds a life.

I have another article about Shapla Ful, that one is about blue waterlily.

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