Sylhet: An Afternoon at Jaflong(সন্ধায় জাফলং এ)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Once upon a time Jaflong(জাফলং) was the only destination when any traveler went to Sylhet(সিলেট). It was a very tranquil place having scenic beauties. Local people used to collect stones from the shallow river. The water was pristine and overall activities of the workers were enchanting. People went there for vacation to sip a cup of beauty.

But now all are gone due to excessive quarrying of stones using heavy machines and myriad number of truck's activities beside the river bank. The water of that shallow river is no more clean now. You'll find lot of dust flying at the ambient.

But still I have went to visit Jaflong(জাফলং) and it was my first time there. After enjoying the beauty of Lalakhal(লালাখাল), we have decided to visit the demising Jaflong(জাফলং). It was Saturday and lot of tourists have gathered there.

When we have reached there, it was almost near to the sunset. Most of the tourists were returning to the Shlhet(সিলেট) town after enjoying their day there. Its a huge picnic spot now a days. Lot of school, university picnic parties arrived there. A crowded place.

We have walked around the shallow river, enjoyed the process of stone quarry. You'll find a hanging bridge at the Indian side, but very near to the zero point. Most of the tourists go there to watch that hanging bridge.

At jaflong(জাফলং), other side of the river is Kashi village(খাসি পল্লী). If you have time, you can walk through the village to experience the lifestyle of those tribal people. I didn't have much to explore that village beneath the Indian boarder.

After enjoying the sunset at Jaflong(জাফলং), we have decided to return back to the town. Throughout the tour we have used the local bus service to minimize the costing. Otherwise I may run out of fund behind my traveling.

How to go:

1. Using any private or hired vehicle you can easily come to Jaflong(জাফলং). It will take around one and half hour ride.

2. You can use the local bus service from Sylhet(সিলেট) to Jaflong(জাফলং). Bus fare is 50 Taka per person. It will take around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Use the Birotihin(বিরতিহীন) Bus Service, this one is better having less stoppages.

3. GPS coordinate of the Jaflong(জাফলং) is (25°10'47.53"N, 92° 0'47.32"E)

Do not sleep on bus or on your car during the ride. The road goes through the Tamabil(তামা বিল) which is a very lovely place during rainy season and less during winter. So try to enjoy the beauties as much you can.

Where to stay:

1. It is better to stay at Sylhet(সিলেট) town and visit Jaflong(জাফলং). You can come back to the town within the day.

2. There are few hotels and guest houses available at Jaflong(জাফলং), but those are not that much high in quality.

Check the link about staying at Sylhet(সিলেট) town and available bus services from Dhaka.


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