Sunrise at St Martin Island, Bangaldesh(সেন্ট মার্টিন দ্বীপে সূর্যোদয়)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

There are very few places at Bangladesh from where you can enjoy both the sunset and sunrise. Saint Martin Island is one of those. From the island it is possible to enjoy sunset and sunrise easily. We have stayed two days there, and everyday we have enjoyed the sun enthralling rising at morning.

Our hotel was at the eastern bank of the island. So it wasn't any hard work to enjoy the sunrise. 06:42 am at morning was the sunrise time for the day. So we have waked up at 06:30 at morning and within 5 minutes reached at the beach beside the hotel.

As it was winter, the sky around the beach was a bit foggy. I was a bit tensed about the view of sunrise. But slowly the sun started to showing its face. I have watched lot of sunrises in my life, but never experienced anything at sea or river. Also none of those was from the zero minute. So I was exulted by my first experience.

Being winter, the weather was chilling and the wind from the ocean was blowing heavily. I was a different kind of feeling on such incident. There was a large group who were also with us to enjoy the beauty of sunrise. Bonus was the invigorating breezes from the ocean.

After the sunrise, we have gone to the bed for another nap. Later we have explored the Chhera Dip(ছেড়া দ্বীপ) by walking the whole day. I'll share that experience soon.