Places of Interest, district Netrakona(দর্শনীয় স্থান, নেত্রকোনা)

Netrakona(নেত্রকোনা) district is located at the northern border of the country, beneath the Indian hills. Two ethnic groups Hajong(হাজং) and Garo(গারো) used to live there along with Bangali(বাঙালি) people. The beautiful Shomeswari(সোমেশ্বরী) and Kongsho(কংস) river from Netrakona(নেত্রকোনা) will please any traveler easily.

This district is one of the underdeveloped district from Bangladesh. Most of the communications are in poor condition. But still this district deserves a travel from a tourist for the great China Clay lake of Birishiri(বিরিশিরি).

Popular locations for visit:

If you are planning to visit the Netrakona(নেত্রকোনা) district, you can check the "places of interest", or "must see", or "tourist spot" items from the link Also if you visited any other places from Netrakona(নেত্রকোনা), that is not listed at my link, that case you can add that here as comment.

Where to Stay:

I didn't go to the main town of Netrakona(নেত্রকোনা). So I am unsure about the hotels there. I went to the Birishiri(বিরিশিরি) and stayed at YWCA. At Birishiri(বিরিশিরি), you'll find YMCA, another guest house for staying at night. Contact number of YWCA is 01712042916. Room fare is cheap, I have used a 9 bed dormitory and each of the bed cost 200 Taka.

YWCA building.

How to Go:

If you want to go to main town, then use the Bus Shahjalal Express from Mohakhali Bus Stand. This is the best bus service. If you want to go Birishiri(বিরিশিরি) use bus from same terminal. Quality of Birishiri(বিরিশিরি) bus is not good. Another option is using train from Dhaka to Mymensingh(ময়মনসিংহ) and then use bus.