Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kosmos Ful(কসমস ফুল) - Cosmos bipinnatus

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Common name of the flower is cosmos. Usually people says this as Garden Cosmos, Mexican Aster etc. Botanical name of the flower is Cosmos bipinnatus and it is from the plant family Asteraceae(Sunflower family). In Bangladesh, we call this Kosmos Ful(কসমস ফুল).

Cosmos plants are annual herbs and leafs are having slim slender feather like foliage. Flowers are bright and looks like a disks, blooms over the slender stems from the plant. Grows in poor soil condition and requires almost no care but provide profound number of flowers at a time.

This flower has 8 petals, color of the flower can be in white, purple, pink, etc having yellow at the middle. Diameter of the flower is 2-3 inches. Flower doesn't have any smell. This can be invasive as it produces lot of seeds from a single flower. So should take care before mixing with the wild.

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