Exploring Lala Khal During Winter(শীতকালে লালা খালে)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

আগের বার বর্ষার সময় গেছিলাম লালা খাল... তখন পানির রং নীল ই ছিল... তার পরও, সবাই বলে শীতকালে পানির রং আরো বেশি নীল থাকে... তাই এবার শীত আসার সাথে সাথেই ঠিক করে ফেললাম আবার যাব... এমন সুন্দর জায়গায় যে কারোরই বার বার যেতে মন চাইবে... এত সুন্দর পানির রং... একদম স্বচ্ছ পানির ভেতর দিয়ে মাটির তলা দেখা যায়... দুই পাশের নদীর উচু পার, দুরে ভারতের কালচে নীল মেঘালয়ের পাহাড়, নীচে নীল পানি, আর উপরে বিশাল আকাশ... অসাধারণ এই ভ্রমনের কিছু ছবি এই লেখায় দিয়ে দিলাম... ছবির সংখ্যা একটু বেশিই হয়ে গেল... কিছুই করার ছিলনা, কোনটা রেখে কোনটা দিব এমন একটা অবস্থা হয়েছিল...

Last time I have visited the Lala Khal(লালা খাল) during rainy season. That time the river Shari(সারি নদী) was blue, but wanted to see how much blue the river can be during the winter. So I have went there during the December of 2011 again.

During winter the level of the river water decreases too much and become a shallow one. The water of the river Shari(সারী নদী) is already crystal clear, so anyone can see the bottom of the river from the boat easily.

We have started riding the local bus around 9:30 at morning, and reached at the Shari Ghat(শারী ghat) before 11:00 at morning. During rainy season I have found few boats which were transporting local people to the Lalakhal bazar(লালাখাল বাজার). But during winter no such services are available.

So only hope was to hire the boats which were anchored at the river bank only for the tourists. They were asking 1400 Taka for each boat for the whole day. After doing a long bargain, we have managed the manager of the Ghat to provide a boat for 1000 Taka.

It is always lovely to do a river cruising over the Shari river(শারি নদী). Every inches of your step by boat is taking you towards more blue, like ocean. After passing one and half hour through the heavenly blue water, our boat anchored at the Lala Khal(লালাখাল) tea factory area.

After jumping out from the boat, we have started exploring the bank of the river. Our target was to each at the zero point at where the river become a trans-boundary one. I was using my GPS and Map from the mobile phone for locating that portion of the river.

That place is called Baghchhora(বাঘ ছড়া). At the other side of the river we can easily see the Khashi village(খাসি পল্লী) and a BSF outpost. River water at that point is very clear and it is only around a feet in depth. Unfortunately there lot of false sands are hidden under the water. Anyone can easily trapped there. Last month two travelers just lost their life accidentally.

After exploring the river, we have returned the boat and started for the Shari ghat(শারি ঘাট). It was noon and we were hungry. I already knew that lalakhal bazar(লালাখাল বাজার) has few small hotels which used to sell foods. So I went there and bought Khichuri(খিচুরী). Each of the packet was for 15 Taka.

After the lunch, at the middle of our returning path, we have halted our boat once again. It was the time for shower. It was a day of winter, and the sun was behind the fog unfortunately. But nothing could resist me and I have cooled my body with blue water of river Shari(শারি নদী).

When we have reached at the Shari ghat, it was around 3:30 at the afternoon. After paying the boatman, we have concluded our Journey By Boat over river Shari for that day of winter.

Below are the photos of my tour. Hope this will help you understand the beauty and encourage you to make a tour there. See below about where to stay, and how to go to visit lalakhal(লালাখাল).

How to Go:

1. First you have to go at the Shari Ghat. There are several ways you can go there. By your own or hired car or using a CNG auto. Another options is using local bus that I prefer. From Kodomtoli(কদমতলী) bus stand take the bus of Jaflong Jointa(জাফলং - জৈন্তা) and ask them to drop you at Shari Ghat. It will cost you 30 Taka each. Time requires around an hour if you ride on the Birotihin(বিরতিহীন) Bus service(best local bus).

2. GPS coordinate of the Shari Ghat is (25° 5'18.65"N, 92° 7'6.51"E)

3. GPS coordinate of the Lalakhal bazar is (25° 6'17.63"N, 92°10'39.84"E)

4. GPS coordinate of the Lalakhal tea factory is (25° 6'32.75"N, 92°10'46.63"E)

Costing about hiring boat:

1. To reach at the Lala Khal bazar(লালাখাল বাজার), you can do a walking at the bank of the river, it will take around 3-4 hours to reach at Lala Khal bazar(লালাখাল বাজার).

2. You can hire a boat too. This will cost you around 1000-1500 taka based on your bargaining. I have paid 1000 Taka.

About your Lunch:

1. Lalakhal bazar(লালাখাল বাজার) has few hotel like shops used to sell khichuri(খিচুরী) in polythene bag. Each pack is 15-20 based on bargaining.

2. You can buy Puri(পুরী), Shingara(সিংগারা), Peyaju(পেয়াজু) etc from there too.

3. From the grocery shop, you can buy mineral water, soft drinks etc too. Price is as it is on the label of the bottle, so don't worry.

Where to Stay:

1. There is no option to stay at Lala Khal(লালাখাল). You have to stay at Jointa bazar(লালাখাল), or at Sylhet town. Check the link for staying about Sylhet. http://icwow.blogspot.com/2010/08/places-of-interest-district-sylhet.html


There is a tea garden available at lalakhal(লালাখাল) tea factory. You can explore that.

If you are interested you can see how the Lalakhal was during Rainy Season. http://icwow.blogspot.com/2010/07/sylhet-river-cruise-and-lala-khal.html


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